MIOO transforms clothing into NFT

MIOO trasforma un capo d'abbigliamento in un NFT grazie ad un'etichetta smart thumbnail

MIOO is the new solution that allows the fashion industry to enter the world of NFTs in a simple way. This solution allows you to make clothing of the main fashion brands of the sustainable, collectible and salable objects in the metaverse. It is a system that aims to meet the needs of fashion brands that are preparing to introduce their products in NFT format into the metaverse and that will be able to use MIOO to simplify the process.

MIOO transforms clothing into NFT thanks to the smart label

With MIOO, in fact, it is possible to industrialize the process to create an NFT for an item of clothing sold by a brand. Everything revolves around the interaction between woven labels and blockchain technology. Using the blockchain Hederain fact, it is possible to connect the item purchased to an NFT by means of a label sewn onto the product. With the purchase, therefore, you can count on a digital passport of the product, capable of certify its authenticity and origin and to also make it a asset creatively. The project was born from the meeting between Niccolò Mion, CEO of MION Spa, a company specializing in labeling for luxury clothing and leather goods, and Etan Genini, CEO and co-founder of Valuart, a company that supports creators, brands and collectors through the blockchain and art advisory.

The comment of the protagonists

Niccolò Mion, Co-Founder of MIOO and CEO of MION Spa, points out: “Thanks to the application of certified blockchain technology on labels we can now give a multitude of garments uniqueness, tracking and added value, both for the final consumer and for the brands that will collaborate with us “

Etan Genini, Co-Founder of MIOO, adds: “” We will change the shopping experience in store and online allowing fashion brands to have all the items they want in NFT and to enter, but above all to stay in touch with their buyer “

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