MioWORK A500s: the new devices for professionals

The new devices dedicated to professionals are official with the MioWORK A500s. Let’s see together the characteristics of these particular devices

MiTAC Digital Technology Corporation (MDT), a subsidiary of MiTAC Holdings Corporation (MHC, TWSE: 3706), announces its new devices portable Android 10.0 MioWORK series A500s with screen from 5″ for businesses. I robust models of the A500s series replace the Serie A500 presented in 2018 e complete the family made up of tablets F740s with screen from 7″ and come on larger models of the series L1000 with screen from 10,1″.

MioWORK A500s: the new devices for professionals

A 5-inch laptop optimized for professional use

All the devices of the line of products A500s are GMS certificates for use enterprise, putting a layout of customers one simple implementation of solutions for the management of the business mobility. The series consists of three models: A500 standard, A505 with pointer LED Honeywell 1D/2D it’s a camera gives 8MP on the back. Model A545s comes with a Honeywell laser pointer instead of the LED pointer, with GPS/AGPS + GLONASS for navigation e connectivity LTE Cat.6.

MioWORK A500s: an excellent solution for warehouses, logistics and restaurants

I handhelds MioWORK A500 offer companies the possibility to offer its staff a small and light device, ideal for who opera at the forefront inside warehouses, in logistics e in hospitality. Thanks to IP67 protection gives water e dust, the devices used by the logistics staff resist exposure to natural elements e withstand falls until 1,8m how much integrated with i caps of optional protection compliant with military standards. Readers RFID NFC/HF implemented in devices allow processing gods payments much in home delivery services carried out by couriers as in order management of a restaurant.

MioWORK A500s: the new devices for professionals

Antibacterial case

The pandemic of COVID-19 has increased the awareness of importance hygiene. The material of the A500s series housing has antimicrobial properties and has passed the certification Japanese JIS Z 2801. While not protecting against viruses, housing prevents by many microbes, supporting the corporate efforts towards one greater hygiene.

MioWORK A500s: a wide selection of accessories enables special usage scenarios

To provide companies with a full package per numerous scenarios different uses, MioWORK has developed a vast ecosystem of accessories for all MioWORK products which I am already now compatible also with successive generations ed evolutions. The multi-unit bases e i multi-slot charger they ensure that the staff has always a device available ready to use. The battery from 4.100mAh replaceable a hot allows autonomy beyond 10 ore it’s a continuous use Of the device 24 hours on 24, 7 days a week, for consecutive shifts.

I straps by the hands removable, custom type, they set the best A500 ma allow anyway a quick change of the battery also while you work. An optional pistol grip with BCR snap wrench allows one rapid data collection ed effective without fatiguing staff during long shifts. The package includes a connector a 9 pin for the safe charging and the data transmission.

MioWORK A500s: the new devices for professionals

Quality components for the reliability and durability of the product

In quality of producer of Taiwan that provides brand names e leading companies in the market, MDT uses i best components for lines of MioWORK products per to prevent unwanted malfunctions e failures of the product. All devices are equipped with IPS panel capacitive multi-touch wide viewing angle, of HD quality and equipped with support for use with gloves. Thanks to maximum brightness of 450 nits with optical bonding which ensures a better readability to sunlight, the display is suitable just for internal use as for the outside. The processor Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 low voltage provides a solid processing power for business applications without running out the duration of the battery.

Customers who require a resolution of the front camera higher they can opt for a model gives 8MP.

MioWORK A500s: the new devices for professionals

MioWORK A500s: enterprise management software for mobile devices, developed by MDT

MSPs and corporate IT departments can To take advantage gives MiDM (MiTAC Mobile Device Management), the suite of device management which is offered as an option. MiDM puts a layout a secure remote management come on measure for i products MioWORK. The operating system, the updates of the app and the support I’m remotely managed, saving up notably i times of maintenance and the need to have a arrangement of backup devices. The application was also developed for reduce data transfer: Customers report a reduction in costs associated with data transfer.

The MiDM suite can be personalized for i customers which require functions e unique settings. Companies with advanced security requirements they can distribute the suite also on the propria infrastruttura IT on-premise. MiDM is internally developed and provides customers with a team of direct assistance.

I hospitality services and other businesses that are equipped with accessible devices al public can avail of the free add-on MiLockTM, un Kiosk Launcher che prevents to users of change app o di log into all settings Of the device.

The range is completed by tablets of the most important dimensions

Companies looking for a complete solution provider can combine the series A500s con i tablet with screen from 7″ of the series F740s e i tablet with screen from 10,1″ of the series L1000s. Both have the same quality of the series A500s, integrate special improvements and I’m matching custom accessories as vehicle bases and docking stations for use in medical field, management of the fleet e logistics, field services, Retail and hospitality. Find out more about the whole product line MioWORK at the following link.

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