MiR unveils the first IP52-class AMR robots

MiR svela i primi robot AMR di classe IP52 thumbnail

To me (Mobile industrial Robots), world leader in the robot mobile autonomy (AMR) unveiled new robots for transporting pallets and other goods designed within production plants, logistics centers and warehouses. The new solutions unveiled by MiR are robots MiR600 e MiR1350. These robots are capable of lifting 600 kilograms and 1350 kilograms respectively. The new MiR projects are designed to carry out material handling tasks in harsh industrial environments by focusing on efficiency and safety.

MiR introduces the first IP52-class AMR robots ideal for operations in harsh environments

The new MiR robots are classified IP52 and are, therefore, characterized by a complete protection against dust and drops of water. The company’s solutions are able to function smoothly in harsh and harsh environments. For industrial logistics, therefore, the new robots are characterized by high efficiency and reliability.

The company defines the new AMR robots as ideal solutions for heavy loads of materials and goods in:

  • loading areas
  • production and assembly areas
  • stores
  • material delivery areas

MiR’s new AMRs are highly flexible and can be implemented with different top modules for customized applications.

The company comment

The President of MiR, Søren E. Nielsen, declares: “Customers who test AMRs within their facilities have understood the importance of being able to transport ever greater loads and that to invest effectively in large fleets for main production it is necessary to choose vehicles that have levels of quality, reliability and higher and higher safety “. Our new industrial robots are robust and meet all these requirements, making them the easiest and safest choice to integrate directly into business workflows. “

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