Mission: Impossible 7, Simon Pegg in una foto dal set

Mission: Impossible 7, Simon Pegg in una foto dal set

Christopher McQuarrie shares a behind-the-scenes photo from Mission: Impossible 7 of Simon Pegg

The filming of Mission: Impossible 7, while the director Christopher McQuarrie is also preparing to work on the eighth chapter of the franchise, which will be shot immediately after production of the seventh is finished.

Originally, Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 were supposed to be shot back to back at the same time, but last month the news came that production of the eighth as-yet-untitled installment will begin after Tom Cruise completes the promotion for Top Gun: Maverick.

McQuarrie also confirmed recently that filming in the Middle East had just wrapped, and that they were planning to return to London for the finishing touches.

The next two episodes mark the third and fourth films in the series for McQuarrie, who becomes the only director to have directed two films in the saga consecutively, without interruption.

The photos of Simon Pegg on the set of Mission: Impossible

Over the past few days of filming, Christopher took some great photos from the film set, one of which was recently shared by Simon Pegg. In turn, the director shared another image of Pegg on Instagram, a throwback of the actor in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

The image dates back to March 28, 2017, and among the comments under the post, we read that of Pegg, who replied by writing “First day of diving training!

Pegg has been part of the franchise since JJ Abrams and his Mission: Impossible 3, which means the actor has seen Cruise perform numerous insane stunts over time. And just recently he talked about how terrifying it is to watch the actor intent on his training and most spectacular action scenes.

Interviewed by Conan O’Brien, he talked about the many heart-pounding sequences typical of Mission: Impossible. Here’s what he said:

When you watch the movie and see Tom Cruise doing those stunts, you feel a real sense of danger and fear for his life. But then you find out he survived because you see him the next morning on Good Morning America at some press conference. When we see him intent on those stunts, we have no idea if he will survive or not. Like when you jump off a cliff with a bicycle… It’s terrifying.

Mission: Impossible 7 will hit US theaters on November 19, 2021.

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