Mkers Gaming House: the home of the Pro Players arrives in Rome

Mkers Gaming House: la casa dei Pro Player arriva a Roma thumbnail

The Mkers group e Mercedes-Benz they showed the press the Mkers Gaming House the first Roman structure designed specifically for pro player deal teams. This place contains the best infrastructures and technologies made available to players who give rise to a real Media Center. This is an important step in the growth path that interests a member of the Mkers. This path symbolizes the nerve center where Pro Players can train, improve their strategies with Analyst coach support and much, much more.

What is the Mkers Gaming House?

The Mkers Gaming House is located in the heart of Rome between the Imperial Forums and Circus Maximus, the very place where games once occupied a place of extreme importance. The Gaming House carries on the same centrality of (video) games using a large space with attention to every single detail, not only in the technological field but also in furnishings and design. Among the different areas of the space we find the Bootcamp Room, where coaches can design
best strategies and explain in detail all the tactics studied for the teams. This is accompanied by the Sim-Racing
: the place where the Mkers e-racing team powered by Mercedes-Benz can train at their best using the avant-garde Official Driving Simulator of the team.

Great attention is also given to the community and fans of the Mkers team, guaranteeing the creation of content thanks to the Streaming Room. Here are all the tools you need to stream as best you can and actively dialogue with the public. From the streaming of training sessions to the commentary of the most important events, passing through entertainment content, the room represents the window through which Mkers can get in touch with the fans. Inevitable one Lounge Room dedicated to relaxation and team building.

Thomas De Gasperi, President of Mkers, commented: “We are proud to officially unveil the Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz. The structure represents an important step forward for Mkers, able to push our teams to give their best during eSports competitions. In synergy with Mercedes-Benz Italia, which has always been synonymous with quality and vision for the future of the automotive industry, we are sure that the structure can provide a great impetus to the Italian eSports sector, contributing to its growth and international appeal. “

Mkers Feat Mercedes-Benz

Con la Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz Italia signs a new partnership that
underlines the company’s commitment to the magical world of eSports. The sponsorship of the Mkers Gaming House is the first step of an intense collaboration that in the next 18 months will put a series on the field and online
of activities related to this fascinating world
and telling the life of the pro players inside and outside the Mkers Gaming House powered by Mercedes-Benz. The agreement also includes a series of activities that will further consolidate the positioning of Mercedes-Benz in the esports industry, including the presence at sector events, the management and organization of a circuit of cross game tournaments and the production of social material and video formats.

Mirco Scarchilli, Head of Brand Experience of Mercedes-Benz Italy, commented: “The universe of eSports has a strong affinity with our brand, especially in this phase of profound transformation that is revolutionizing the world of individual mobility. For several years we have already entered this world, which allows us to share our values ​​with a very young and heterogeneous audience, a vast pool of opinion leaders with a very strong potential and a great amplification through social channels. “