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Mobile telephony: decreasing average price and record growth for monthly gigabytes

I data collected by the Rates Observatory of and confirm a counter-trend figure for the market mobile phone. Il average price of the offers offered by operators to new customers is in drop of -8%. At the same time, the “price battle” turns into a real one “War of the Gigas” with rates that, compared to 12 months ago, they can now count on 42% more GB every month.

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The mobile telephony market: how offers have changed

Il mobile phone market has registered several new features in the last 12 months, with numbers in stark contrast to other services. The average price of the offers is in slight drop and the bundles proposed by the operators now include many more Giga to navigate on the go.

These are the main evidences that emerge from the data collected by theRate Observatory of and The study compared data from January 2022 with those of January 2023 to offer a detailed “snapshot” of the current state of the mobile telephony sector and the main trends of recent months. They have considered both the offers of the operators MNO that those of the MVNO virtual operators present on the market.

The survey confirms slightly decreasing prices ed increasingly rich offers of Giga. Considering all the mobile tariffs on the market, there is an average fee of 9.74 euros per month with a decrease of -8% compared to what was recorded in January 2022 when the average rent was 10.59 euros per month.

The data relating to January 2023 is particularly interesting. The data from last September is confirmed, with an average price of less than 10 euros per month with the January 2023 figure representing a new low for the sector.

The survey of MNO operators

Restricting the investigation to operators MNO (TIM, Vodafone, WINDTRE and Iliad) the reference trend of the mobile telephony market emerges even more clearly. The offers of the MNO operators, in fact, register a significant increase in the Giga included each month against a stable price. The periodic cost of the offers is 14.40 euros per month (-0.3% on an annual basis).

What changes, clearly, are the monthly Giga. In fact, MNO providers make available, on average, 135GB per month with a growth of +50% compared to data collected in January last year when rates averaged 90 GB per month. From this year, therefore, it is possible to activate tariffs with about 45 GB more per month. Slight growth, however, for minutes (+2.7% for a total of 2803 minutes) and SMS (+11.7% for a total of 2213 SMS).

The survey to the MVNO virtual operators

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The offers of virtual operators MVNO (lacking a proprietary network infrastructure) are cheaper. Also in January 2023 this figure is respected with further evidence. The number of rates offered by virtual operators is growing (both due to an increase in operators and an increase in the number of rates proposed by a single operator). This figure increases the incidence of the cheaper rates of MVNO providers on the overall average of the sector.

According to the data collected from the survey, on average, the offers of virtual operators include a periodic cost of 7.91 euros per month with a decrease of -5,7% compared to January 2022 data. This is also an interesting fact. In fact, for the first time, the average price of MVNO tariffs falls below 8 euros per month. Also worth noting is a net increase in monthly Giga arriving at 104 GB with an increase of +36,8%, surpassing the 100GB mark each month for the first time. Minimum changes for minutes (+3.2%) and SMS (-0.1%).


How the mobile phone market has changed

Among the data collected during the survey emerge someone evidence which helping to identify which are the current characteristics of the mobile phone market. In fact, at the beginning of 2023, about 25% of the available offers allow access to 5G.

In 2020, when the new generation mobile network was still in an early commercial launch phase, the diffusion of 5G tariffs was around 10%. For further growth it will be necessary for 5G to become an integral part of the offers of the main virtual operators and not only of the MNO operators.

Another element that helps to understand the evolution of the market is represented by the growth of offers with at least 50 GB, a limit which, in many cases, can be seen as a psychological threshold capable of separating an offer with a few Gigabytes from an offer with a sufficient number of data traffic to satisfy one’s needs. The data from the beginning of 2023 confirm that more than 60% of the offers can count on at least 50 GB.

In 2020, on the other hand, only 44% of the offers were able to reach this threshold, so much so that the average monthly Giga available to users looking for a new tariff was equal to 45 GB per month. In the course of just under three years, therefore, the number of monthly Giga included in the offers has almost tripled in front of a average fee That shrank by about 12% (going from (11.12 euros to 9.74 euros per month).

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