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Moley presents the food processor capable of cooking for us

Moley Robotics, the manufacturer of the world’s first food processor, announced today that their device can now cook two dishes at the same time, maximizing the robot’s efficiency. The instrument’s two robotic arms will be able to cook more than 5,000 dishes with fresh ingredients. The Moley IoT smart kitchen is designed so that it can be used as a normal kitchen in “manual mode” or by a state-of-the-art robot.

Moley: the food processor capable of preparing two dishes at the same time

Moley’s new cooking skill two dishes at the same time it was perfected using as evidence the favorite dishes of the engineering team who designed it: ribeye steak, served medium rare, and a delicious soup of sweet potato, coconut and chilli.

This new robot skill allows busy families to cook a range of fresh and healthy meals for the whole family, just like a human cook would do.

To select the desired dish, simply interact with a the appropriate touch screen, applicable inside a cabinet, to access all recipes. The robot is then powered by a powerful processor, which uses artificial intelligence to tailor recipes to consumer preferences. Recipes can be filtered by nationality of cuisine, calories, vegan or vegetarian, favorite chef, course, starter, main course or dessert and types of food, such as pasta, paella or soup.

As if that weren’t enough, the recipes can then be customized to your personal preferences by adjusting portion sizes, seasoning and low-calorie options. This luxury model, the first in a range of Moley robotic kitchens, is now on sale at the price of 248,000 pounds and over 1000 potential customers have already shown interest.

Moley Robotics has already stated that a cheaper model is currently in development, although there is still no precise news about it.

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