Monica Bellucci con Guy Pearce in Memory

Monica Bellucci con Guy Pearce in Memory

Monica Bellucci will take part with Guy Pearce in the thriller film Memory which will star Liam Neeson

Monica Bellucci, an actress always very active abroad as well as in Italy, will take part in the thriller Memory directed by Martin Campbell alongside Guy Pearce and the protagonist Liam Neeson.

Monica Bellucci: one of the protagonists of Memory

The film is a cinematic adaptation of the book De Zaak Alzheimer written by Jef Geeraerts which had already become a film in Belgium, entitled The Memory of a Killer, directed by Erik Van Looy. This American version takes inspiration from the basic storyline, but will also have changes.

At the center of the story is Alexis Lewis, a very discreet and elusive expert killer, who in turn becomes a target when he refuses to buy a job for a criminal organization. So, as a target he sets out in search of whoever wants him dead, chased by three FBI agents who investigate all the murders that are happening at his hands. Monica Bellucci here, plays Davana Sealman, a tech entrepreneur involved in the protagonist’s actions. In this action escape, Alexis Lewis must also come to terms with her memory problems, a situation that has consequences because she never knows who she can trust.

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