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Monster Hunter Rise review: Sunbreak, the hunt expands

In this review we will tell you in detail about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the new great expansion of the latest Capcom hunting title

After more than a year from its first publication Monster Hunter Rise is back to being talked about thanks to Sunbreak, its new major expansion. This huge DLC adds to the already full-bodied base game lots of new content, such as new missions, new monsters and so on. In this review we are going to analyze Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak in detail, so as to help you understand the actual quality of the expansion before buying it.

To the rescue of the kingdom

The history Sunbreak takes place right after the main game ends and will see your protagonist grapple with a new danger. As soon as the DLC is installed, you will be contacted by Swallowwhich will reveal that his native country, the kingdom, is in grave danger. Apparently a huge one indeed crater appeared out of nowhere and all the monsters in the area are going crazy, putting the lives of all the locals at risk. After this premise your protagonist will immediately depart towards Elgado, the new central HUB of Sunbreak, and will take part in a large number of hunting missions to investigate Malzenoil elder dragon which is thought to be behind the events that endangered the kingdom.

Since the release of Monster Hunter: World the titles of the series have begun to push more on the plot, albeit with poor results. The story of Sunbreak indeed is little more than an excuse to go hunting of countless monsters for hours and hours. In the end this isn’t a big deal, given that gameplay has always been and continues to be the main focus of Monster Hunterbut in any case it is a it’s a pity they didn’t take a little more effortespecially given Rise’s interesting basics.

Monster Hunter Rise review: Sunbreak, the hunt expands

More and more – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

Among the many innovations introduced thanks to Sunbreak, the biggest one is obviously the addition of Master Degree. This new rank will allow you to participate in much more difficult missions compared to those of the base game and obviously will also allow you to face many new monsters. Some of these creatures will be completely unpublishedothers will come directly from old chapters in the serieswhile others will be variants exclusive monsters of Rise. Also during your GM hunts you will obviously have to face again all the monsters present in the base game which fortunately will not simply be stronger, but they will also have new attacks which you will have to learn to avoid.

Besides the new monsters, Sunbreak also adds ben to the game two mapsdiverse endemic creatures, new weapon skills and of course countless new ones rare materials with which you can create many equipment really powerful. In addition, this expansion also enriches the title with one new mechanics extremely useful and fun: the reversal of trading skills. This technique will allow you to alternate two sets of skills while hunting at the push of a button. This way you will have the opportunity to modify both the trading skills and the combos of your weapon at any time, thus expanding your options when hunting and adding even more variety to the fights.

In addition, Sunbreak also introduced one new type of missions designed for those who do not have the opportunity to play online: follower missions. These missions will allow you to team up with some of the game’s most iconic characters and go hunting with them as if they were other players. Surprisingly these NPCs perform really well on missions and they will be able to really help you during the battles.

Monster Hunter Rise review: Sunbreak, the hunt expands

Companions and Convenience – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

In addition to the big news we talked about in the previous paragraph, Sunbreak has also added a large number of to Rise new functions related to your animal companions. For example, new acorns can now be used for increase the number of skills a companion can use and even transfer the most powerful ones from one helper to another. Moreover, now you will also have the possibility of customize your Felyne friends more freely and thus make them much more effective. In fact, the possibility of freely modify some techniques of your kittens and new ones have also been introduced secret skills really powerful. Plus it is now possible to send patrol your companions in specific points of each map, thus allowing you to have an additional point to use the fast travel during a hunt.

In addition to these new features related to companions have also been introduced new options for expeditions and submarines, but not only. In fact, Sunbreak has also done many quality of life improvements by Rise, making life for hunters much more comfortable. For example now you can start climbing a wall just by running against it and you can select an option that it will no longer force you to ride monsters by attacking them. As if that weren’t enough, your Canyne companions will now have their own temporary inventory in which you will be able to deposit extra items while hunting and a new activatable ability that will allow you to see on the map the specific points to collect certain materials.

Monster Hunter Rise review: Sunbreak, the hunt expands

A new end game – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

One of Monster Hunter Rise’s biggest flaws is certainly its disappointing end game. Although the numerous free updates have managed to compensate a little for the problem, this aspect of the game is still subdued when compared to that of the previous chapters. But Sunbreak has finally managed to fill this void adding a ton of post game content.

Once you have completed all the main missions of the expansion and reached the credits, your Master Degree will be unlocked and you will have the opportunity to increase it by completing missions. Each time your GM reaches a certain value you will unlock a new urgent mission against a monster that you have not yet faced at this rank, but this will not be the only content you will have in the end game.

Once your GM is high enough you can in fact take part in the anomaly missions. In these hunts you will have to face gods infected monsters extremely dangerous that they will not simply be stronger, but they will also have several peculiarities. For example these monsters can enter delusional mode, a stance that makes them much more aggressive and that can only be stopped by inflicting a lot of damage to specific points on their body. Plus these creatures will also be able to apply bleeding penalty with any attack and they cannot be caught in any way.

These dangerous creatures will require a lot of effort and preparation to deal with, but luckily the game is worth the candle. By killing these creatures you can in fact obtain gods unique materials that will allow you to create the strongest gear in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise review: Sunbreak, the hunt expands


Now the point of our review has finally arrived in which we sum up Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This great new expansion has succeeded in significantly improve the base game, making it a much more headline complete and valid than before. Thanks to this DLC in fact you will have the opportunity to have fun with a lot of new content and thanks to the news related to the end game, the most avid gamers will have the opportunity to keep playing this Monster Hunter for many hours. In short, if you enjoyed Rise but at the same time expected something more, for sure Sunbreak will not disappoint you at all.

Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak expansion are available now for PC and Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.

A real expansion

Points in favor

  • New monsters and equipment
  • Lots of end game content
  • New mechanics
  • Better management of companions