Montblanc presents MTB 03, the first wireless earphones inspired by the iconic fountain pen

Montblanc presenta MTB 03, i primi auricolari wireless ispirati all'iconica stilografica thumbnail

With the launch of its first over-ear headphones, Montblanc has combined his passion for craftsmanship with high technical quality creating a device with excellent sound performance. Today, in response to the growing popularity of true wireless in-ear headphones in everyday life, the Maison is launching its first auricolari in-ear MTB 03characterized by an elegant design that recalls the iconic writing instrument of the Maison and by a sound that reflects the individual needs of the wearer.

Montblanc MTB 03 in-ear headphones with an ergonomic design

Inspired by the aesthetics of the fountain pen masterpiece, the MTB 03 are crafted from a lightweight resin in an intense black colour, reminiscent of the surface of a writing instrument, and embellished with the white Montblanc emblem. Featuring a ergonomic design and from high-quality materials, these waterproof earphones are designed to meet the various daily needs of the wearer and offer active noise cancellation with live mode. They also have touch sensors to quickly activate key functions, such as playing or pausing a track or answering phone calls.

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Once entered into the aluminum case with black finish, can be placed in a pocket or placed on a desk at home or in the office, where they can also be recharged wirelessly. The Maison’s passion for detail is captured in small but refined design elements, such as the delicate chrome ring engraved with the Montblanc watermark.

The engineer who made the earphones

To design the sonic signature of the Montblanc MTB 03 earphones, the company turned to Axel Grell, well-known sound engineer, who took care of the development of the hardware components taking them to a higher level. His contribution made it possible to create the Montblanc Sound Signature, an optimal balance of sound.

“Earphones have become an integral part of the digital world and of our daily lives, which is why we wanted to create a product of excellence that combines high performance, top quality materials, an elegant but discreet look and the unmistakable Montblanc design. Just like handwriting, hearing also varies from person to person and requires a level of personalization for an optimal listening experience, which we can find in the Montblanc Sound Signature,” he explains. Felix Obschonka, Director New Technologies Montblanc.

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