More and more women protagonists of cybersecurity

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On the occasion of the European Cybersecurity Month, October, Panda Security reveals that more and more women are making careers in the cybersecurity industry. A world in which the gender gap is narrowing more and more and which continues to offer job opportunities to young people.

According to the data reported, almost 3 million jobs would be covered in 2021 in the cybersecurity sector. Of these, 24% were employed by womenwith a growth of 13% compared to 11% recorded in 2017. Even better can be done, however, with numerous barriers that still prevent women from establishing themselves in this sector.

The women of cybersecurity

To pay homage to female professionals, Panda Security shared the profiles of some women who day after day are revolutionizing the cybersecurity sector by breaking down the invisible but robust walls of gender equality and bringing more and more young women closer to the world of STEM training.

Profiles like that of Chani Simms, who made her debut at IBM where she specialized in IT infrastructures, management systems and virtualization. Chani Simms then founded SHe CISO Exec. to train professionals and professionals and create a new type of cybersecurity leader, more emotionally intelligent.


Or again Rana el Kaliouby, CEO of SmartEye since 2021, which has laid the foundation for the emotional AI industry and continues to lead its expansion. And then again Lakshmi Hanspal – Global Chief Information Security Officer, Devices & Services for Amazon – who helped open up the corporate culture to cybersecurity and taught many leaders to create a trust-based security culture.

Finally we mention Nasrin Rezai e Natasha Sayce-Zelem, Chief Information Security Officer the former and Amazon’s Global Head of Partner Engineering in Prime Video the latter. Two points of reference for the respective companies. In particular, Nasrin Rezai promotes a more humane and accessible approach to cybersecurity for everyone – consumers, companies and society. Natasha Sayce-Zelem instead helps women to develop their potential and skills, promoting the choice of a career in STEM disciplines.