More than 5 billion cell phones will end up in disuse in 2022

Più di 5 miliardi di cellulari andranno in disuso nel 2022 thumbnail

Estimates on the number of mobile phones destined to go into disuse in the course of 2022 are truly incredible. The data revealed by the non-profit association Weee Forum, in fact, confirm that over 5 billion mobile phones, in the course of 2022, it will end up in a drawer or be thrown in landfills, without proceeding with the regular disposal of an electronic product. Here is what emerges from the survey:

The number of mobile phones that will end up in disuse continues to grow

The number of mobile phones that will end up in disuse in the course of 2022 is very high. To reveal it is the no profit Weee Forum on the occasion of the International e-waste day. In total, there would be 5.3 billion mobile phones ready to end up in landfills or to be forgotten in a drawer. By placing these devices one on top of the other, it would be possible to reach a height of 50,000 kilometers.

Inside these phones there are precious materials, such as gold, copper, silver and palladium. Only a very small part of these devices are disposed of properly. The choice of accumulating old electronic devices, according to the data collected by the survey, would be linked to a prospect of future use. 46% of users, in fact, choose not to throw away the mobile phone with a view to possible future reuse.