Verbatim, three new webcams for smart working

Verbatim, tre nuove webcam per lo smart working thumbnail

Verbatim announced three new webcams designed for quality video conferencing, even when you are smart working or on the move, or even for streamers. There are indeed Verbatim AWC-01 Full HD 1080p with autofocus and microphone, Verbatim AWC-02 Full HD 1080p with autofocus, microphone and light and Verbatim AWC-03 Ultra HD 4K with autofocus and dual microphone.

Verbatim: three webcams designed for all needs

The company announces new devices designed to serve as a complete solution for those who work from home. L‘autofocus allows you to always be in the center of attention, with an optimized white balance and color rendering. Furthermore, i built-in microphones allow you to capture your voice even from four meters away.

You can use the clamp to easily mount the webcams on the monitor, or use a tripod for a better performance. They connect with USB-A and work with all software with ease (Zoom, Teams, OBS, Facebook, YouTube, Xbox one, XSplit, Skype, Twitch e Google Meet). And with the lens cover you can protect privacy.

The AWC-01 version has a target of 8MPwhile the AWC-02 (the one with the included light from 5MP). The AWC-03 model, the only one in 4K, has a 15.9MP. This model also has two integrated micro-funds, as well as the possibility of orienting it vertically from 120 degrees.

Prices seem very competitive across the board. Indeed the model AWC-01 costs only 39.90 euros, making it the least expensive of all. Instead the model with built-in light AWC-02 costs only a little more, at € 44.90. The quality of AWC-03 instead it raises the price, even if less than many competitors: it costs in fact 89 euro.

You can find more information on the official website.