Moss: Book 2 is available on PlayStation VR

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The wait is over, dear reader: Polyarc has finally released Moss: Book 2 su PlayStation VR. Below we present the trailer and further details.

Moss: Book 2 is now available on PlayStation VR

In the second installment of the beloved saga, players rejoin the young hero Quill for an adventure into the depths of the cursed castle ofArcane. Awaiting them will be dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles and enemies shrouded in fire and steel. To have a chance, Quill will need a real partner by his side: you will be his trusted companion?

Josh Stiksma, design director at Polyarc, said:

The journey with Quill is far from over and what players will experience in Moss: Book 2 will be a test filled with triumph and heartbreak – which is why he needs you by his side now more than ever. Your adventure will be bigger than before. Full of more emotions. More interaction. More challenges. It won’t be easy, but saving the world never is.

Moss: Book II is based on the story of Moss, one of the top rated VR games of all time. After saving his uncle Argus, Quill discovers that a winged tyrant is hunting her in the castle where her uncle was being held captive. But Quill has a plan of his own, one who could finally end the ruthless rule of the Beyonder and save the world from a great defeat. Travel will be difficultbut new allies, old friends and the very nature of the castle can offer help along the way.

The award-winning composer Jason Graves, known for Dead Space and Tomb Raider, returns in this second installment of the Moss franchise. Graves’ compositions use small tools in a big way to bring the world of Moss to life and deepen the sense of immersion in the game.

We remind you that the title is available on PlayStation VR and you can download it through the PlayStation Store.

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