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MotoGP22 is available on the market

Milestone e Dorna Sports SL are proud to announce that MotoGP22, the last chapter of the two-wheel driving simulator! Let’s find out all the details of this new proposal together!

MotoGP22 at Milestone

The videogame franchise dedicated to MotoGP returns with a new chapter that brings to all fans the new season of engines of over 300 km \ H.

Among the technical innovations of the title we find the improvements to the track, the surfaces have been optimized for better driveability. And then again the deformation of the tire, which makes the experience even closer to reality.

We continue by telling you that the managerial career is back and allows players to decide whether to create a new team or join an official. The game mode also offers the possibility to delve into the details of the strategy, using development points and allocating research and development personnel to reach the top. You can also work on the bike by improving aspects such as the engine, chassis, aerodynamics and electronics. The path can start from the bottom, creating a Junior Team in the Moto2 or Moto3 categories, selecting a sponsor and hiring a Team Manager, a Technical Director and at least one rider. Not bad right?

NINE Season 2009

Moreover, to the delight of many, the title boasts the presence of the NINE Season 2009, a fascinating way to relive one of the most incredible seasons in the history of MotoGP.

Are you ready to wear the suits of Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo? So get ready to face several breathtaking challenges! The NINE Season 2009 replicates all 17 Grands Prix of the season, divided into chapters with over 39 challenges in total.

Hammer gas, but suitable for all players

MotoGP22 boasts the presence of a tutorial that helps newbies understand the basics of the game. There are in fact specific challenges centered around electronics, tire wear, brake temperatures and fundamental differences between the three main categories.

In addition, the MotoGP Academy teaches you how to improve your driving style to tackle all the most difficult corners and trajectories.

And then there is the Riding Analysis System, a system that helps riders through in-game pop-up messages.

The gaming platforms

MotoGP22 è disponibile su PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch e Steam.

While waiting to discover new information on this production, stay tuned to the pages of techprincess for new interesting news and insights. And you, have you bought the Milestone MotoGP22 title? As always, tell us your opinion on our Facebook page.

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