Motorcycles, snowballs and the new map: here are all the news of Chapter 4 of Fortnite

Moto, palle di neve e la nuova mappa: ecco tutte le novità del Capitolo 4 di Fortnite thumbnail

After the Fracture event on Saturday night (December 3), the Fortnite island as we knew it was partially destroyed. Players had to work together to try to put it back together and this led to the creation of a new island, assembling parts of the previous three maps. Thus begins the Chapter 4 of Fortnite, which introduces several new environments, weapons, vehicles and even new game mechanics that promise to be extremely interesting. Some innovations had been in the air for some time, while others arrived like a bolt from the blue in the blue sky of the island.

First, let’s take a look at the official trailer for Chapter 4.

Fortnite – Chapter 4: a new beginning and… a new island

The new map introduces us to several absolutely new places such as The Citadel (characterized by the presence of a medieval castle), Anvil square (a wooded town almost entirely built of wood), Frenzied Wastes (which incorporates some of the farms we have seen in previous chapters) e Brutal Bastion (a brutalist-style fortress in the snowy mountains). He also revised the mine, which now looks like Glossy slabs.

The game mechanics of Chapter 4

There is also a substantial change in the game mechanics. In particular:

  • Overcoming obstacles: in addition to jumping, it will now be possible to run over fences and obstacles
  • Reality Optimizers: in the more advanced stages of the Storm it will be possible to collect power-ups called reality enhancers, which will be valid for the entire duration of the game. These include: speedy weapon reloads, ability to deploy parachute in match, fuel savings for vehicles, and boosted jumps while racing. More optimizers will be released in the next Seasons.
  • Snowballs: Using the pickaxe in snowy areas it is now possible to generate a snowball. Not only that: players can jump into them and run over enemies.
  • The bikes have arrived!: After a long wait, Chapter 4 has introduced to Fortnite the Trail Thrashera motocross bike that in addition to moving allows you to perform stunts.

Weapons and items

fortnite slap berry 1900x600 0692900675b2

fortnite slap juice 1900x600 6e9f24e3011d

fortnite sky jelly 1900x600 1a1b98447222
Credit: Epic Games

Revolution also for weapons and consumables. Among the new objects of Chapter 4 we will find:

  • Slapdash Berries: give health and energy
  • Slapstick Juice: a Slap Berry Juice, more health and more energy
  • Heavenly jellyfish: like the jellyfish from the previous chapter, they provide shield and health if squeezed.
  • Flying drones: drop rare weapons and are present in some random points of interest (marked in gold on the map)
  • Capture point: in certain areas it is possible to conquer areas, obtaining the position of crates and enemies in the area.

As for weapons instead:

fortnite ex caliber rifle 1900x600 3aa0b3bc6157

fortnite thunder shotgun 1900x600 759f4b8ba329

fortnite maven auto shotgun 1900x600 f04324e0ef45

fortnite twin mag smg 1900x600 f90766a75d03

fortnite red eye assault rifle 1900x600 86870b707f18

fortnite tactical pistol 1900x600 085365b0277b
Credit: Epic Games

  • Fucile Ex-Caliber: shoots blades that explode when stuck in opponents
  • Heavy Thunder Rifle: fires two powerful shots, fatal if exploded at close range
  • Heavy Auto Rifle Specialist: A close-range rifle with a high rate of fire
  • Red-Eyes Assault Rifle: an assault rifle with a red dot sight
  • Double magazine machine gun: Automatic SMG and high rate of fire and fast reload
  • Tactical pistol: the inevitable pistol in Fortnite, a powerful and versatile weapon
  • Shock wave hammer: the real novelty of this chapter. A hammer that can damage enemies and facilitate movement: hitting the ground will give you a considerable forward thrust.

What’s new in the Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass obviously includes skins and cosmetics. By accessing the Chapter 4 – Season 1 Pass, Fortnite will give us the costume of Selene, described as “the star of the show”. The skin of will be available later Geralt in Rivia (also visible in the trailer). The most attentive, during the Fracture event, will also have noticed Hulk Riding a Bike: The Green Monster Skin is coming to the Item Shop.

Among the other costumes of the Battle Pass announced (with relative emblematic description typical of Epic Games) we find:

  • Maasai: at work even at midnight
  • Doom Slayer: straight from the ultra-nightmares
  • Dusty: the brutal ball champion
  • Nezumi: in contemplation of the horizon
  • Helsie: the red High Bets Club Member Joni
  • The Timeless: in command of an empire

We remind you that the Battle Pass is available at the price of 950 V-Bucks (game currency).

Finally, among the novelties of the new Chapter, also the arrival of technology Unreal Engine 5.1.

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