Motorola customizes the Cadorna station with its edge 30

Motorola colora la stazione di Cadorna con il suo edge 30 thumbnail

Il Motorola edge 30 launch it was the right opportunity to kick off a new very special initiative. Motorola, with the aim of further supporting sales, has customized Cadorna station in Milanone of the busiest places in the city with over 300,000 daily passengers.

The Motorola edge 30 protagonist at the Cadorna station in Milan

Until next June 30ththe Cadorna station in Milan will be customized by the Motorola edge 30. There will also be a corner with a fixed presence, until 8pm, entirely dedicated to the new Motorola smartphone with users who will have the opportunity to discover it in all its facets. Users who go to the Motorola corner will be able to take advantage of one exclusive promotion which will be activated at Lenovo space, always in Milan. This promotion provides a discount of 150 euros on the device and the possibility of obtaining Moto Buds 150 earphones for free.

Also noteworthy is the initiative MotoSpritz Time. Until 7.30 pm, every day, passers-by will be issued a flyer with which, following some simple instructions, it will be possible to obtain a coupon for a free Spritz to be consumed at Spazio Lenovo, in Corso Matteotti 10 in Milan.

Giorgia Bulgarella, Motorola’s Head of Marketing, declares: “We are very satisfied with the response given by consumers to the launch of edge 30, a device that not only stands out for its performance, but also for its elegance, the result of a design that enhances the value of subtlety. This initiative aims to bring our new smartphone and brand closer to people, regardless of age group. This is why we have chosen a place like the Cadorna station, frequented at all times by very young people, workers and more senior consumers “.