Motorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are official

When the smartphone becomes a work of art: Motorola presents the new generation of the family, Edge 50

Motorola announces the most beautiful and balanced family of Edge devices, marking a new era for its premium devices: Motorola Edge 50 ultra, Motorola Edge 50 pro and Motorola Edge 50 fusion. These new devices focus on what really matters in a high-end smartphone, offering an even smarter combination of its ideal components, with an improved design, an advanced camera system with Artificial intelligence and finally, for the first time in the world, the camera and display certified by Pantone.

Motorola's Edge 50 family is designed with a strong sense of harmony and with the intent to offer a special visual and tactile experience. Wrapped in materials like real wood, a special edition pearlescent polymer finish handcrafted in Italy, and vegan suede, they use on-trend colors and include a IP68 underwater protection. The results are devices that are surprisingly light both to the touch and to the sight, which manage to satisfy the customer looking for the smartest and most perfectly balanced smartphone.

Motorola is also expanding its device ecosystem with the announcement of the new Moto Buds family, which includes the Moto Buds+ with “Sound by Bose“, for a headset that combines the best of Motorola and Bose's expertise to offer consumers a high-quality audio experience.

Motorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are officialMotorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are official

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra: innovation and art in a smartphone

Edge 50 Ultra exemplifies the focus of Motorola for the design and was developed to amaze even the most demanding smartphone users. With its comfortable curves, premium materials like real wood, premium vegan material, and the Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz, this device is more than just a smartphone: it's a work of art.

An extensive range of high-resolution cameras offers the flexibility to capture any type of composition and obtain detailed results in any lighting condition. This device features a 50MP main lens, a 64MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and Super Zoom 100x to get even closer to a subject, a 50MP wide-angle lens with macro vision and a 50MP selfie camera with autofocus.

For whenever users want to capture all aspects of life on the go, a wide range of new features make it easier. These features include:

  • Adaptive stabilization: Uses artificial intelligence to determine the speed of movement when shooting and dynamically adjust the level of stabilization for best results.
  • Auto focus tracking: Delivers crisp, clear video by using artificial intelligence to keep your subject in focus even as it moves across the frame
  • Moving shots: Automatically increases and adjusts the shutter speed according to different lighting conditions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the camera improves details when light levels are low and noise is high.
  • Long exposition: Creates artistic light trails or smooth waterfalls. Long exposure allows users to capture creative movement with just one touch, without the need for professional equipment.


This new device also comes with a large and vivid display pOLED Super HD (1220p) 6.67″ which offers 13% more resolution than the previous generation, allowing users to enjoy sharper images with fewer pixels. To complete the experience, Edge 50 ultra boasts Dolby Atmos support. Thanks to Dolby Atmos, users will be able to experience greater depth and clarity of sound during their favorite entertainment activities, whether listening to them through the device's large stereo speakers or through headphones.

Motorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are officialMotorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are official

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra: hardware features

Motorola Edge 50 ultra comes with the mobile platform Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, which powers all the key functions of the phone. Users will experience premium speed and performance, from image processing, gaming, web browsing, audio and more. With 16GB of RAM, expandable with RAM Boost, and up to 1TB of storage, customers can enjoy easy multitasking and ample space for all their photos, movies, apps and games.

The new Motorola Edge 50 ultra uses the ultra-long band (UWB), transforming the way users interact with devices near them. UWB is a fast, low-power, security-enhanced radio protocol used to determine location with millimeter accuracy down to 10-30 cm. For example, users can enter different rooms in their home without having to reconnect devices or redefine custom settings. With UWB, users will be able to find their family and friends in crowded areas with centimeter accuracy or even automatically unlock their vehicle just by getting close. Motorola Edge 50 ultra is future-proof and takes advantage of the ever-evolving world of UWB.

To power all these experiences, Edge 50 ultra includes a large 4500 mAh battery with 125W TurboPower charging, capable of providing energy needed all day in just four minutes of charging. Additionally, it comes with 50W10 wireless charging capabilities, allowing users to charge their smartphone quickly and without the hassle of cables. Users can also share power with other devices with wireless power sharing.

Motorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are officialMotorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are official

Motorola Edge 50 Pro: the perfect mix of style and intelligence

Following the aesthetics of Motorola's flagship device, the Motorola Edge 50 pro features contoured edges, a sandblasted aluminum frame and a finish in premium vegan material or in special pearly edition Handcrafted in Italy, which makes this device soft and smooth to the touch. In addition to being lightweight, it features IP68 underwater protection.

With an ad camera system 50MP high resolution, Edge 50 pro captures stunning photos and videos. The main camera features the widest aperture available in a smartphone (f/1.4), letting in 64% more light for better low-light performance and natural blur. The 10MP camera with 3x telephoto lens and optical image stabilization is a nice addition that is rarely included in this product category.

With this lens, users will be able to clearly see footage from 3x further away with the optical zoom, or they can use the Super Zoom for a distance 30 times greater. To increase the view even further, users can take advantage of the 13MP wide-angle camera or even get closer to an object up to 3cm away with Macro Vision. Edge 50 pro also includes the 50MP front camera with auto focus to ensure that selfies also come out detailed and in brilliant colours.

The Edge 50 Pro's camera system includes some of the key features powered by Moto AI and available in the flagship device, including the new photo enhancement system, adaptive stabilization,Auto Focus Tracking e lo Style Sync. Users will also be able to unleash their creativity with light art using the new Long Exposure mode.


The Motorola Edge 50 pro also offers consumers a cinematic experience on a 6.7-inch 144Hz near-borderless pOLED display with Super HD resolution and HDR10+ certification. But it's not just about images: Motorola Edge 50 pro offers an unprecedented audio experience thanks to Dolby Atmos immersive sound support. Dolby Head Tracking support is also included when paired with moto buds+. The device also features two large stereo speakers and Snapdragon Sound technology ensures a seamless, lag-free and hitch-free Bluetooth connection.

Motorola Edge 50 pro is powered by the mobile platform Snapdragon 7 Gen 3, which guarantees smooth gameplay, fast frame rates, high-resolution videos, instant file transfers and much more. The device is also equipped with up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage for easy multitasking and ample space. The Motorola Edge 50 pro also features 125W TurboPower charging for fast refueling and 50W TurboPower wireless charging for maximum convenience.

Motorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are officialMotorola Edge 50 family: the new top smartphones are official

Motorola Edge 50 fusion: a perfectly balanced smartphone experience

Edge 50 fusion brings high-end features to a wider range of consumers. Whether it's a student going to class or a professional on a trip, the bright colors and slim profile of the Edge 50 fusion make it the perfect companion. Users can choose between Marshmallow Blue in the premium vegan material version, Hot Pink in the new vegan suede version for a touch of uniqueness or opt for the elegant Forest Blue colorway. Thanks to the underwater protection IP68 and Corning Gorilla Glass 5, this smartphone is resistant to dust, water and accidental drops.

For photography enthusiasts or those who love capturing memories, the Motorola Edge 50 fusion's photography system ensures that every shot is a masterpiece. Equipped with a 50MP Ultra Pixel main camera with sensor LYT-700C di LYTIA, this device ensures high-speed shooting with minimal noise in dimly lit environments. Optical image stabilization (OIS) prevents blurry images and videos, even in low light conditions. Users will be able to broaden their perspectives with the 13MP wide-angle camera and get closer with Macro Vision for the best close-ups. To create amazing selfies, you can take advantage of the 32MP front camera with technology Quad Pixel for better sensitivity in low light conditions.


The stunning borderless Full HD+ display pOLED gives 6.7” by Edge 50 fusion brings true cinematic entertainment to life. Motorola Edge 50 fusion meets cinema standards for color gamut, brightness, color accuracy and contrast level, so everything looks exactly as it should. Thanks to 10-bit color depth and supporting over a billion shades, the display boasts vibrant colors and infinite contrast. Additionally, the 144Hz refresh rate ensures smooth movement and transitions.

In perfect harmony with the quality of the display, the device's audio system offers a Hi-Res certified sound. The device features stereo speakers and boasts support for Dolby Atmos for immersive audio that delivers greater depth, clarity during users' favorite entertainment, whether…

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