Motorola: the smartphone concept with adaptive display arrives

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Motorola redefines what is possible with artificial intelligence and presents the first smartphone concept with an adaptive display

Al Lenovo Tech World ’23Motorola takes its commitment to artificial intelligence to the next level by introducing innovations that redefine the possibilities of flexible hardware, thanks to the integration of incredible new AI features, including generative theming and a sophisticated personal assistant .

For years Motorola has been at the forefront ofinnovation and continues to strive to deliver meaningful consumer experiences. Motorola has integrated Artificial Intelligence into many areas of its devices, such as the camera, battery, display and performance. Thanks to’IAthe experience of using the smartphone is transforming: the user will be able to use artificial intelligence as a personal assistant and as a tool to improve daily activities and performance, creating memorable experiences for users.

Motorola: the smartphone concept with adaptive display arrives

Motorola’s new adaptive display concept that aligns with consumer needs

Motorola continues to push the boundaries and invest in flexible display technology and devices. The new device designed is equipped with a display pOLED FHD+ which can be folded and adapted to different shapes according to users’ needs. This adaptive display concept builds on the mechanical display innovations of other foldable and “rollable” devices in both the smartphone and PC categories.

Motorola’s adaptive display concept can be adjusted to switch between a standard Android phone experience lying flat, a wrist-worn experience, or different stand modes. When in a horizontal position, the display da 6,9″ offers a complete Android experience, like any other smartphone. In the upright position, the device can be positioned independently, so you have a more compact form of the full Android operating system on a 4.6-inch display. Users can also wrap the device around their wrist for a similar experience to the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra’s external display, so they can stay connected on the go.

Motorola: the smartphone concept with adaptive display arrives

A new series of AI display concepts from Motorola

Motorola understands the importance of personalization for consumers and continues to explore how artificial intelligence can enhance the ability to personalize devices to provide users with a truly unique experience. Motorola has developed a generative artificial intelligence model that comes run locally on the device to allow users to extend their personal style to the phone. With this concept, users can upload or take a photo of their outfit to get more unique AI-generated images that reflect their style. These images can then be used as a customized wallpaper on your device.

Motor AI

Lenovo is developing an assistant personal for PC and smartphone. The AI ​​model is designed to never stop learning and has a core system uniquely customized to the user while protecting their privacy. The model is also designed to have a knowledge base adaptable to different contexts of use, with natural vocal or textual interaction capabilities.

The MotoAI concept is an innovative approach to the latest trend in artificial intelligence with large language models (LLM). Users can interact with their MotoAI personal assistant to answer questions, prepare messages, schedule tasks and much more. While most LLMs operate in the cloud, MotoAI is able to process data and execute tasks locally on the device, giving users a greater privacy some data. MotoAI also has an on-device knowledge base where user patterns and preferences inform their experience, making it more dynamic, personal and useful over time.

Motorola: the smartphone concept with adaptive display arrives

Mobile document scanning 2.0

Aware of the growing demand for real-time document scanning even in external locations, Motorola has introduced an artificial intelligence model that improves functionality Doc Scanner currently integrated into Motorola camera systems. This innovation aims to improve the quality of the final image by minimizing creases and shadows to ensure that documents or images appear as sharp and clear as possible.

AI Text Summarization

Motorola is committed to helping users increase productivity through various applications and solutions. The function IA Text Summarisation analyzes chats, emails or longer reports and reduces them to key messages for quick and easy understanding.

Motorola: the smartphone concept with adaptive display arrives

Content obfuscation for privacy

The concept of Privacy Content Obfuscation from Motorola uses artificial intelligence to seamlessly protect user information and privacy by intelligently identifying and obfuscating areas containing profile pictures and names in social posts.

A look at the future

Motorola has unveiled four artificial intelligence concepts that promise to redefine the everyday experience of consumers. Give it to him AI generative wallpapers From bringing your device’s screen to life, to advanced AI privacy features like sensitive information obfuscation, to the magic touch that transforms crumpled receipts into pristine documents, it’s clear how innovation brings greater comfort. Additionally, with the ability to effortlessly summarize notes, emails and chats, Motorola continues to advance its mission of providing innovative, on-the-go solutions that improve mobility, pocketability and overall ease for consumers.

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