Motorola x Momusso: here is the new collection of “Free your Christmas” wallpapers

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Motorola returns together with the artist Momusso on the screens of all smartphones with the new artistic project “Free your Christmas” dedicated to the most magical moment of the year

Motorola has always cared about maximum self-expression: each device of the brand, in fact, allows its owner to give voice to their personality. He demonstrated this through collaboration withillustrator Momussolaunched in July for the launch of the foldable device razr 40 ultrawhich returns today to the screens of all smartphones with the new artistic project “Free your Christmas” dedicated to the most magical moment of the year.

Motorola x Momusso: here is the new collection of

Motorola x Momusso: the new wallpapers

Christmas is the time in which we dedicate ourselves to loved ones, to loved ones, but every year the same theme arises: relatives and friends, certainly full of good intentions, inform each other about what happened during the year and ask all too personal questions, which can also make you uncomfortable. Until today, there was no way to avoid them, but thanks to Motorola this Christmas it will finally belibero”!

Motorola, in fact, has commissioned Momusso a series of wallpapers that can be loaded onto any smartphone, available for free for download from today on the Motorola website, to discourage any uncomfortable questions and at the same time express oneself, one’s desires and dreams, without giving up the irony. They will be ben 9 the “ready-made answers” created by the artist, to “Free Christmas” from personal questions, without having to sacrifice one’s personality.

Among the images created by Momusso, “I’m already married to myself“It’s the perfect replica of the evergreen.”but when you get married?”, and for those in the previous phase, a boy will arrive “when he shows up with courgette flowers, fried”! The goal of a degree or the desired promotion, however, will arrive “according to the horoscope, very soon”. In short, the right mix of irony and fun characterizes the 9 ready-to-use answers Motorola, which are also available in the format for the external display of Razr 40 Ultra, the brand’s foldable device. In this way, to answer you don’t need to open your mouth or even your smartphone: customization is total!

Motorola x Momusso: here is the new collection of


Self-expression, in fact, is one of the characteristics that those who choose to own a brand device have in common. “This year, Motorola wants to give everyone the chance to celebrate Christmas in their own way through the ironic and unconventional responses created together with Momusso,” he says Giorgia BulgarellaHead of Marketing of Motorola Italy.

“In line with the values ​​of the brand, with ‘Free your Christmas’ we give everyone, even those who don’t own a Motorola, a way to free themselves from uncomfortable questions forever, focusing once again on people and their story and allowing them to express their uniqueness through our tools, as we already do with the customizable external screen of razr 40 ultra eh Pantone colors that characterize smartphones, as in the case of edge 40 neo.,” concludes Bulgarella.

All wallpapers are available starting today on the official Motorola website. All you have to do is access the site, download them and choose the suitable version for the background of your smartphone to “Free Christmas”!

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