Moving house online: Wetacoo’s all-in-one solution

Trasloco online? Wetacoo organizza, imballa, deposita e riconsegna thumbnail

Wetacooa very Italian startup born in 2021, launches a online service which allows you to lighten one of the most stressful events ever: the move.

According to a research promoted by conducted on Oltre 15 million of Italians who have moved house in the last 5 years, 60% of them have not requested the help of a company – economic reasons – and of these, just under half (44%) stated that he had At least one inconvenient.

Among the most common mishaps are the loss (15%) and the harm (12%) of items in transit.

It’s just for simplify life to those who, in spite of themselves, have to commit to a move, that the Wetacoo online moving service is born.

In just a few clicks you can organize a complete service onlinewhich allows the user to configure the desired deposit plan: you can only choose transport, the packaging as well as the disassembly of furniture, including detailed scheduling of pick-up and return.

Each item is associated with a codice QRfrom which you can consult his specific cardcompiled with the data entered by the operators at the time of collection.

How much does it cost

In this real digital showcase, you can also find photos of your own furniture. Not only can the storage service be configured according to your needs, but you only pay for the space you actually use. The cost indeed is modular and depends on the time of storage in the warehouse and the volumes occupied, without time constraints.

The standard plans range from 1 to 25 m2, with an associated monthly fee ranging from €29 to €399. For further customizations, you can contact the Wetacoo staff directly.


The service offered by Wetacoo could also be a viable one alternative to reuse: one of the consequences of having many objects is that they occupy a physical space inside our home.

With Wetacoo we could put them aside waiting for one sale or their proper location.


After departure on RomaWetacoo has grown by landing a Milano e Bolognaguarding and depositing objects in more than 10,000 cubic meters of deposits. In this 2023 Wetacoo will also arrive at Torino e Firenzewith plans for further expansion in many other Italian and European cities.

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