MR4Weld, the shipbuilding robot from Comau and Fincantieri

MR4Weld, il robot per la costruzione navale di Comau e Fincantieri thumbnail

Comau and Fincantieri present the first fruit of their collaboration at the Automatica fair: MR4Weld (Mobile Robot for Weld – robot mobile per saldatura). It is an innovative mobile robot designed for labor-intensive welding tasks in outdoor environments. Who wants to improve the quality, performance and well-being of operators.

Comau and Fincantieri launch the MR4Weld robot

The two companies have renewed their strategic agreement to apply technology, digitization and innovation in cutting-edge mobile robotics solutions. After signing a letter of intent in 2021, the CEO of Comau, Pietro Gorlierand the CEO of Fincantieri, Pierroberto Folgierohave signed a new agreement for the development of further mobile robotic machines and solutions.

Fincantieri will test the MR4Weld mobile robot to autonomously weld steel structures, increasing operational efficiency up to 3 times compared to a manual process. It is an articulated robot 6-axle with high load capacitymounted on a tracked undercarriage and equipped with a integrated vision system to autonomously identify the joints welding.

MR4Weld it also uses digital tools to collect data on welds and production, which can be used to trace welded joints. Compliant with current safety regulations, it can be used without the need for fences on each floor of a ship. Fincantieri and Comau jointly presented a European patent application for some specific technical characteristics.

Comment from the CEOs

Pietro Gorlier, Chief Executive Officer of Comau, explains: “In addition to the opportunity to work with a leading company such as Fincantieri and to develop cutting-edge robotic mobile systems for unstructured environments, the extension of our collaboration expresses Comau’s determination to provide state-of-the-art and highly flexible solutions for complex production scenarios. We also believe that the significant market potential for the MR4Weld mobile robot goes beyond shipbuilding, as the mobile robotics market is estimated to have a annual growth rate of 15% in five years (from 2022 to 2027), based on internal estimates and market research”.

Pierroberto FolgieroChief Executive Officer of Fincantieri, declared: “MR4Weld is a project that intercepts multiple directions of our development: automation and digitization, two driving elements of our industrial plan, on a par with corporate responsibility, which finds its answer in the satisfaction of no less than five of the UN sustainable development goals, also with reference to the security and training of resources. The partnership with Comau has produced a unicum in our sectora result of great industrial value which confirms Fincantieri’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence”.

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