Harrison Ford and artificial intelligence

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After the use of artificial intelligence in the last chapter of Indiana Jones, even Harrison Ford has decided to have his say on the matter

By now we are used to seeing it in many artistic works, from drawing, to writing, up to music, giving more and more space to the possibility of creating incredible products, unthinkable until recently. We are of course talking aboutartificial intelligence which is also gaining ground in cinema. Is it good? Is it bad? The public is divided about it. While on the one hand it could make changes that were unthinkable until a few years ago, making films even more realistic, on the other hand, there are those who argue that this technology will supplant the human hand, closing the doors to imagination and work which has always distinguished him. There are many personalities from the world of cinema who are expressing themselves in this regard. The latest in order of time was Harrison Ford. Here are his words.

Harrison Ford and artificial intelligence

A time jump of 40 years | Harrison Ford and artificial intelligence

Just Harrison Ford was at the center of the work of artificial intelligence in the last chapter of Indiana Jones, entitled Indiana Jones and Quadrant of Destiny. In the fifth film of the saga, which sees him as the protagonist, we will be able to see the fruits of the work of AI right on his face. Technology was used in the very first minutes of the film, set in 1944, to make the actor look 40 years younger. All thanks to a software designed by Disney, called FRAN, That it allowed Ford to play every scene, without using younger actors or special effects. Technology, starting from photos and videos of the actor, shot in different periods of his life but in the same angle and brightness, has led to a detailed reconstruction of his face, in a younger version.

Great technology, but…

FRAN’s goal is to amaze the audience and make the viewer believe that the scenes, affected by the work of artificial intelligence, are actually films already shot years ago. It is a method that could revolutionize the world of cinema, reaching the point of exploring previously unthinkable or complicated possibilities. But what does Harrison Ford think of the new technology that has rejuvenated him by 40 years? The actor seems to have appreciated the work done on his face and would seem fascinated by this technology, not without reservations. These are his words:

When it’s helpful, I’m happy that it’s being used, and when it’s not, I’m disappointed that we’ve decided to use it. I think it’s not a question of technology, but how you use it. We have the ability to spawn more enemies than we’ve ever seen, more planes in the sky than we’ve ever seen. What you risk losing, however, is the human aspectand if you lose that you lose the viewers ability to enjoy that experience which consists of the characters, the story you tell.

And what do you think? Do you agree with the actor’s words? We just have to run to the theater to find out if this technology was really helpful in making a film among the first to test FRAN. We remember that Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Destiny is now available in theaters.

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