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MSI MPG ARTYMIS review: the curved gaming monitor

The great offer on the market of gaming products always risks confusing poor gamers looking for the product that best suits their needs. In this agitated scenario, today we want to talk to you about a gaming monitor capable of satisfying the wishes of many. Obviously we don’t know you individually but having tested it for this one reviewwe are sure of the great versatility and performance of MSI’s ARTYMIS 323cqr MPG monitor.

Belonging to the lucky one MSI’s Artymis family of curved monitorsmodel 323cqr it impressed us not only for its quality and performance but also for its really pleasant style and design.


As anticipated, the MSI’s MPG ARTYMIS is a curved gaming monitor capable of supporting the company’s latest video technologies (and not) to give the best graphic rendering. Before diving into the heart of this review, let’s take a look at the inevitable…

…data sheet

  • Dimensions: 701.4 x 317.7 x 473.4
  • Weight: 12KG
  • Display: 32″
  • Resolution: 2560×1440 (WQHD)
  • Frequency of update: 165HZ
  • Response time: 1ms (MPRT)
  • Porte: 2 HDMI ports, 1 Type-C input, 1 DP input, 1 Upstream input, 2 USB (3.0) inputs, 1 Jack 3.2mm input


MSI MPG ARTYMIS recensione1

The MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR is a 32″ HDR monitor with 2560×1440 resolution and 1000R curvature line. This movement creates a slight curve similar to the curvature of the human eye to reduce fatigue caused by prolonged use of the screen.

From an aesthetic point of view, the monitor looks great and in line with MSI standards. The large metal base does not take up too much desk space and holds the monitor perfectly with the help of 4 screws. THE 32″ display make it large without overdoing it and is characterized by very thin frames, except for the lower one. In the back of the screen we find, in addition to the power button and the now classic red lever to access the menu, also the compartment of the various inputs and ports (2 HDMI ports, 1 Type-C input, 1 DP input, 1 Upstream input, 2 USB (2.0) inputs, 1 Jack 3.2mm input).

The attention to design is also reflected on the back of the monitor characterized by elegant lines, translucent materials, a strip of customizable RGB lights with MSI Mystic Light and the inevitable MSI logo, also illuminated. Every aspect of the monitor is taken care of to perfection, resulting elegant but at the same time resistant and firmly on the desk.

Last but not least, the monitor stand is 3-way adjustable. This means that we can raise and lower the screen, tilt it forward or backward and rotate it, with a unique speed and simplicity.


MSI MPG Artymis review

Equal to its aesthetics there is only the technology inside aimed at giving us the best possible video quality with the comfort of curvature. At the base we have a VA panel with 1.07 billion colors that reach up to 10 bits which, combined with a refresh rate of 165HZ, guarantees excellent performance. With a response time equal to 1ms, you can react faster to the in-game situation and enjoy the extreme fluidity that the screen offers.

Among the other technologies used, we point out a profit Sound Tune. When headphones are inserted into the jack input, the monitor is able to eliminate background noise in the audio so as to hear clear audio and perhaps thus be able to understand which side enemies are coming from.

Interesting too Smart Cross Hair which allows the pointer to change color if it matches the background color during the game. Artificial intelligence will do everything by itself. Obviously among the settings, like the other models, you will have the possibility to add a viewfinder in case the video game in question decides not to represent it. Obviously all the functions of the monitor can be set and programmed with theOSD apps on MSI.

Our test of the 32″ ARTYMIS MPG

We had this fascinating monitor in testing for about three weeks during which it replaced our previous MSI Optix G271 (which we didn’t miss too much!). It goes without saying that from an aesthetic and design point of view it is presented in an optimal way, restoring an excellent feel and decorating everything with the timeless LED lights. Obviously for this review, we have played with MSI’s ARTYMIS MPG for a long time (it’s work mom!) with many types of video games. From FPS to strategy to MOBA, each genre is at its best thanks to the default and customizable settings for the major categories.

The fluidity is truly spectacular and the luminosity impeccable. In this regard, the screen is equipped with a sensor that detects the brightness of the room adapting that of the screen for further comfort. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention the comfort of the curvature, seen by many as a “gaming” trend which in reality manages to improve not only eye health if we spend a lot of time on the screen but also to allow us to see more elements in game. The ease of use and immediacy both in connecting the monitor and in understanding the various settings are also excellent, even by those who are not experts.

Small flaw, thelack of G-Sync support for Nvidia cards which, however, has not altered our experience with this really interesting and adaptable monitor for all needs.

MSI’s ARTYMIS MPG monitor review in a nutshell

And it’s right there versatility that won us over with this MPG ARTYMIS 323cqr from MSI. It could represent the “dream screen” of gamers, but also of those who appreciate a good support for watching videos and TV series or even as a work tool to have multiple windows on the same screen. The not so accentuated curvature could also be a decisive factor for all skeptics who have not yet approached the magical world of curved screens or act as a support for those who have already been converted by this technology.

All this for the price of around €670. It is a not so small figure that rises due to the curvature of the screen which justifies, in our opinion, the possibilities and performances that this monitor can offer.

In short, if you are looking for a new gaming screen, whatever your need, the MPG ARTYMIS could be for you.

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