MSI’s Clutch GM31 review: The lightweight and excellent value for money gaming mouse

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MSI Clutch GM31 is the specific mouse for gamers who want to raise the bar offered by the already exceptional devices of the GM series. In this reviewwe will tell you about the Clutch GM31 by MSI in its wired version but know that there is a wireless variant. With the GM31, MSI wants to offer lightness, performance and functionality at a more than competitive price, but has it really succeeded?

Let’s find out!

Our Review of MSI’s Clutch GM31 Mouse (Wired Version)

It mouse da gaming MSI Clutch GM31 offers a design in perfect line with the MSI product series. With a weight of only 58 grams and a slim shape (120 x 64 x 37 mm)the mouse is designed to offerfast and smooth gaming experience, ideal for fans of action games and first person shooters. This mouse features a slight curve in the back and textured rubber grips on the sides, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

The design ergonomic The mouse offers a comfortable, natural grip, which reduces fatigue during long gaming sessions, and the build quality is solid and durable, with responsive buttons and a smooth scroll wheel. Last but not least, the MSI logo with RGB lights on the back of the mouse adds a touch of customization and style that can be adjusted via MSI software.

The build quality is solid and durable, with responsive buttons and a smooth scroll wheel.


Il Clutch GM31 is equipped with a high quality PMW-3360 optical sensorà, which provides up to 12.000 DPI with one-step adjustable button. Thanks to a polling rate di 1000Hzthe position of the mouse is constantly updated at very fast speeds so as to make the movement precise and fluid.

I mouse buttons (5 total) are fully programmable taking advantage of the MSI software here too. The OMRON mechanical switches they feel sharp and reliable, and are rated to last over 60 million clicks.

Our test of the GM31 Clutch

We tried the Clutch GM31 for about two weeks during which we used it on various games as a replacement for our daily mouse. The mouse proved to be precise and responsive, with an excellent response to our movements. The mouse position was updated quickly, which ensured a smooth gaming experience especially in FPS where a few seconds can make the difference.

Also great design and comfort even after prolonged use. The non-slip grips diamonds placed on the sides of the mouse as well as making it aesthetically appealing they are also extremely useful for ensuring a solid grip and above all for not making your hands sweat. Also noteworthy is the presence of skates, on the underside of the mouse made of PTFE with unidirectional surface structure and double-edged edges which provide exceptional, almost frictionless sliding.

Added to this are the customization possibilities of the MSI Centerthe MSI software that allows us to manage every element of the mouse, from the choice of DPI, to mouse programming, up to the sensitivity of the sensor when lifting the mouse.

MSI’s Clutch GM31 review in a few clicks

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MSI’s Clutch GM31 has proven to be a great gaming mouse that can deliver a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. A mix of elegant and modern design (without overdoing it), excellent performance and an aerodynamic shape make it the gaming mouse you’ve been looking for. In this wired version we shouldn’t even worry about the limits of the battery or the interference given by the wireless at the expense of a slight impediment of the cable which, all in all, did not undermine our experience at all.

To all this is added a really competitive price, around €50, exceptional for a gaming mouse of the quality and performance that MSI can offer.

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