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MSI’s Clutch GM51 mouse review: superior performance

When two years ago MSI introduced the amazing mouse to the world Clutch GM41, we thought it was almost impossible to do better. I don’t know if they actually listened to us, but MSI has tried again today by presenting the new version, the Clutch GM51. The idea is the same as the previous device and almost all MSI devices: to offer a beautiful and performing product for gamers. Thanks to MSI, we we managed to get our hands on the new Clutch GM51 and this is its review.

Our review of MSI’s Clutch GM51 gaming mouse

The new Clutch GM51 is designed to offer maximum performance and precision with minimum physical movement of the hand. This is thanks to an optimized weight, a potentially high number of DPI and a noteworthy smoothness. All in the comfort of wireless technology joined to one large capacity battery.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s find out!

Data sheet

  • Name: Clutch GM51 Lightweight
  • Dimensions: 122x65x45
  • Weight: 75g
  • Buttons: 6
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 (2 meters cable length)
  • DPI: up to 26000


MSI Clutch GM51 review

The Mouse looks excellent with an elegant and always classic black characterized on the sides by Lightstrip Diamond at MSI. It’s about a double series of RGB light beams which fits perfectly in rubberized design. This, in addition to being pleasant to the touch and thanks to the lights, also visually, guarantees a excellent thumb and little finger grip. The same concept can also be found in the wheel, which is also rubberized and knurled for a better grip. As usual, the draconic MSI logo is also illuminated by RGB lights.

The dimensions are in the standards of today’s gaming mice with 122 x 65 x 54. What sets it apart is a really low weight for a wired mouse of this type, we are talking about 75g which make it extremely versatile for any type of game. The PTFE “pads” also contribute to this, they are of excellent quality and able to work on almost any surface on the desk with minimal friction

In terms of keys, we are faced with a six button mouseto the three classics (left, right, central wheel), we find two keys on the left side and a key under the mouse to select the number of DPI, from 400 to 6400 in the pre-setting formulas. By customizing it, however, it can reach a maximum of 26,000 DPI. We talk about it in the next paragraph dedicated to…


This mouse combines the advantage of an agile and light body with the very latest technology available to get the best performance from a mouse. At the base we have a sensors PixArt PAW-3395 which guarantees precise movements and excellent tracking. This allows the mouse to reach a maximum of 26,000 DPI for high accuracy with minimal hand movement combined with 1,000Hz/1ms response time.

Among the supported technologies we find the Motion Sync, which can synchronize mouse signals to those of the PC for even greater movement accuracy. Added to this is the Nominal Lift-Off customizable that indicates the detection distance from lifting the mouse up to 1mm, so as to be able to move the cursor even with the mouse raised.

As for autonomywe find one 550mAH battery which translates into over 150 hours of use. Fast charging provides up to 9 hours of use with just a 10-minute charge.

Our test of MSI’s Clutch GM51 mouse

clutch gm51

We had the new Clutch on trial for about 2 weeks during which it replaced our daily mouse. Review spoiler, we really liked this Clutch GM51 from MSI. From design to performance, from autonomy to manoeuvrability. Each element fits perfectly outclassing the already great MSI Clutch GM41 that we reviewed 2 years ago.

The new design with RGB lights gives an even more “gaming” touch without falling into excessiveness and greatly improves the grip of the hand. There Anti-Smudge mouse surface it is pleasant to the touch and does not let your hand sweat, excellent for longer gaming sessions. About that, nothing to say against autonomyreally excellent. during our test we couldn’t get to the end of the battery. This manages to overcome the main compromise of wireless mice, leaving us with only the advantage of a wireless life and great versatility.

The precision of the mouse is also excellent, which lends itself to any type of video game and is completely customizable. About that, the MSI Center customization software has remained the same with the strengths and weaknesses we know.

MSI’s new Clutch GM51 review in a nutshell

Yes, MSI’s Clutch GM51 is as good as it is and could change your gaming game. Each element of the mouse is designed to offer the best in terms of materials, design, performance and autonomy.

All of this obviously has a price and not indifferent. We are talking about 115€. There are certainly cheaper alternatives on the market but in our opinion the performance offered by this new model far exceeds those offered by the competition.

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