Music for PlayStation: Inclusive music you listen to with your controller

Music for PlayStation: Inclusive music you listen to with your controller

You can hear the music, but you can also feel it on your skin. There is this concept, perhaps romantic but certainly real, behind Music for PlayStation. “That way everyone can interact with the music on equal terms,” he said Jesse Austin-Stewartthe artist who made this disc as an accessibility experiment for hearing-impaired gamers.

Yes, because Music for PlayStation can be played through the vibrations of the PlayStation DualSense controllers.

Come ascoltare Music For PlayStation

The album is free, and is available on Bandcamp, although it requires a PS5 DualSense controller. In fact, the songs use the vibration function of the controllers to play the music. To use the disc, just connect the controller to the PC and start the songs (at this link). At that point the DualSense PS5 will begin to vibrate along with the music.

On his website Stewart, who is a composer and sound engineer from New Zealand, explains that “these tracks can only be felt, not just listened to. This music has been designed so that all hearing types, whether hearing, hard of hearing or deaf, can interact with the music on an equal footing“. Stewart said he was committed to making “the field of spatial audio more inclusive.”

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