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Music Revenue Sharing: on Facebook you earn from music

Another news from Meta, which announced that i creator of Facebook will be able to earn money from the videos they use licensed music. Con “Music Revenue Sharing“In fact, creators will be able to earn a share of in-stream advertising revenue. An option that will allow you to monetize both creators and those who own the music rights. But let’s find out how it really works.

Music Revenue Sharing, so creators can make money from music videos

“Music Revenue Sharing” is an incredible novelty for Facebook creators. From today, whenever they use licensed music in videos of 60 seconds or more, they can earn through in-stream ads. This means that creators will receive a share of 20% revenue share on “eligible” videos, with a separate fee that will be reserved for the rights owners and Meta. An option from which Facebook Reels are excluded, even if it is not certain that they cannot be included in the future. In any case, it should be noted that not all creators can join the program.

From what we know, you will need to be eligible for in-stream ads and meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility standards. In addition, the song used in the video must be part of the library “Licensed music“, Which includes songs by well-known artists such as Post Malone, Tove Lo, Grupo La Cumbia, Leah Kate and Bicep. Furthermore, Meta clarifies that the video must have an important role visual component, and that licensed music alone cannot be the main purpose of the video. Once all these conditions are met, simply upload the video to receive a notification informing you if the song is eligible for sharing in music revenue.

Once the video goes live, creators will be able to track the revenue progress from in-stream ads in Creator Studio. A simple system, which will begin to be available first to users in the United States and then to all those who live elsewhere. Indeed, Meta has stated that she will continue to work with her music partners to expand the licensed music library to include more songs for the “Music Revenue Sharing” program.

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