Musk annuncia il ritorno di Twitter Blue il 29/11 thumbnail

Musk announces return of Twitter Blue on 11/29

Elon Musk announced that Twitter Bluethe subscription that now it costs $7.99 and allows you to get the blue ticks of the verified account, will have a new launch on November 29th. Musk explained that, following the tumultuous launch, they are “propping up” the subscription to become “rock solid.”

Musk announces a new Twitter Blue launch on November 29

Newly arrived as CEO of the platform, Musk proposed a change of Twitter Blue subscription. Among the novelties (longer videos, edit button) the billionaire wanted to launch the possibility of buying the “blue ticks”, which until a few weeks ago were instead reserved for well-known personalities and important institutions.

To say the lacnium was chaotic is an understatement. Among a fake account of Nintendo with Super Mario doing the middle finger and company Eli Lilly who promised from a fake account to make insulin free in the USA, and then take it all back. The result is that all the largest advertising agencies in the world have advised their customers against using the platform.

Twitter advertising spaces high risk musk

Musk explained that with the new Twitter Blue this will not be possible. In a tweetexplained that “With the new launch, changing your verified name will cause you to lose the blue check until the new name is confirmed by Twitter as abiding by the Terms of Service”.

A solution that could solve the main problems that have emerged in recent weeks, which perhaps could have come to mind earlier if the implementation hadn’t been rushed. Although this solution it does not prevent users choosing a fake name before purchasing the subscription.

Many commentators have already pointed out that, after the layoffs that more than halved the people who work on the social network, i controls could stretch a lot. It’s unclear whether Twitter will use an AI solution to remedy this. We will keep you informed.

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