Musk: Only those who pay for Twitter Blue will be able to vote in policy polls

Musk: solo chi paga per Twitter Blue potrà votare nei sondaggi sulle policy thumbnail

Elon Muskin response to the comments of a followerannounced that only those who subscribe to thepaid subscription for Twitter Blue will be able to vote in policy surveys. This statement comes after Musk said all important decisions about the platform will be made after a poll. And after users voted for his resignation.

Elon Musk says only those who pay for Twitter Blue will be able to vote in policy polls

The user subscribed to Twitter Blue @Unfilteredboos1 ha tweeted: “Only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to vote in policy-changing polls. This is a very reasonable position considering we are invested in the game and are committed to seeing Twitter succeed.” Elon Musk replied: “Good point. Twitter will make this change“.

To understand this position, one must take at least a couple of steps back. Last week Twitter changed a policy that led to the ban of accounts tracking billionaires’ jets, including Musk’s @ElonJet. Twitter has then the accounts of several journalists and of Mastodon were banned for reporting the links on other social networks of the @ElonJet account. To then get to prohibit the sharing of links to other social networks.

This has brought a lot of criticism, so much so that Musk promised that Twitter would never change its policy without doing any surveys first. In the first poll he asked if he should resign: 57.5% voted yes.

The variant proposed by the user and appreciated by Musk would envisage having only those who subscribed to Twitter Blue vote, a historically small percentage of users of the social network. This has led several users to openly criticize Musk. That he has not yet commented on his resignation: many suspect that he has revived this idea to have an excuse not to resign.

Twitter hasn’t no policy that provides for popular participation of users for policy decisions: it simply can change the rules and then make the users accept or reject the conditions. However, the surveys wanted to give users a sense of participation. Which many commentators think would disappear if they actually became paid.

At the moment Twitter or Musk have not made any official announcements in this regard.

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