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Musk, ultimatum to employees: long hours or dismissal

Elon Musk from a ultimatums to employees in an email sent at midnight: they can adapt to cultura “hardcore” made up of long hours in the office or will be fired. Engineers who write more lines of code will get career advancements, who go away three months severance pay.

Musk gives employees an ultimatum: anyone who doesn’t want to work “hardcore” will be fired

In an email sent at midnight, Elon Musk has given Twitter employees an ultimatum. By 5 pm (Pacific time, 2 am tomorrow in Italy) all employees will have to fill out an online form to decide whether or not they want to be part of the company.

Whoever stays will have to submit to one hardcore work culture (a word Musk also used for Tesla employees). But whoever writes the most code will have important roles in society. Instead, those who decide to leave the company will receive three months of severance paystructured differently in America but similar to liquidation.

Twitter fires

Employees who leave the company after the ultimatum will join the nearly 5,500 employees that Musk directly fired recently. The total number also includes external collaborators cut and managers who left after the acquisition. Recently, Musk also fired an engineer for publicly correcting him.

Among the engineers who have worked hard in these first few weeks are those who oversaw the launch of Twitter Blue, charging the “blue ticks” $7.99 based on Musk’s idea. An idea that didn’t work, as some addicts had predicted. So much so that Musk himself has announced that he will postpone the final launch to November 29 (although many users have already paid).

The result of this ultimatum is therefore not clear at the moment. The hiring freeze of many large tech companies suggests that it is not easy to find work in this period. But the internal situation of Twitter seems less than idyllic. We will keep you updated on the matter.

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