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Musk wants to move the Twitter process to 2023 to analyze bot data

Elon Musk has asked the Chancery Court in Delaware to reject the request for process quick of Twitter: wants the trial to start in 2023. This time would be used to analyze data on Twitter’s bots, which Musk and his lawyers say invalidate the failed acquisition.

Musk aims to move the trial with Twitter to 2023

Twitter would like a quick process to complete asSeptember 2022. Musk instead aims to initiate the trial on February 13, 2023. The billionaire’s lawyers say that “Twitter used a delay tactic by resisting the r’s for two monthsrequests for information “. And now they would like to speed up time to avoid a full analysis of spam data.

According to Twitter, however, a quick trial is necessary to give the court of appeal time to evaluate the decision. And he claims that the court and Musk’s lawyers remain “More than two months to complete the pre-trial research”.

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Twitter would like to end the trial and any appeal before October 24th, when the acquisition should have taken place. While Musk’s lawyers say the only unsurpassed date is that of April 25, 2023, when the loans to support the acquisition would expire.

Musk’s theme therefore takes time to file 30-40 depositions on the facts and at least 12 depositions of experts.

Musk had objected that Twitter analyzes to gauge the number of bot only 100 accounts per day, only a tiny percentage of daily active users. But on the other hand, Twitter disputes that Musk has not presented any evidence in favor of the analysis being wrong. And now the billionaire is asking for more time to find evidence, even though he already knows the number of depositions he wants to present. Furthermore, it seems that in the agreement signed by Musk the number of bots was not among the clauses for the acquisition, and would therefore not have relevance for a possible cancellation.

A postponement seems unlikely according to many American legal experts. But the last word is not said: we will keep you updated.

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