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My Universe – Interior Designer: ready to renovate your home?

All you need to know about My Universe – Interior Designer, the game to free your creativity and become an architect.

My Universe – Interior Designer: trailer and first images

If there is one thing loved by all videogames fans, that is the personalization of the environments. If you are feeling particularly inspired, creative and want to bring out the architect who is hidden within you, this could be the right title. In fact, today we introduce you to My Universe – Interior Designer, videogame developed by Magic Pockets. The game is available immediately for Nintendo Switch and digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC / Mac.

In the game you will be able to create and manage your own interior design agency. Customers will have to be welcomed in the right way, but above all dialogue, to understand tastes and expectations. Once a plan has been established, it will be necessary to get to work to achieve what we have designed for them. The more customers are satisfied, the more our reputation – and consequently that of our agency – will grow. After all, if you want to furnish that dream mansion down the street, you have to earn it by running through small apartment buildings first.

The true My Universe’s pulsating engine – Interior Designer is the player’s creativity. The game indeed leaves enormous expressive possibilities thanks to the construction and decoration methods. The first will allow you to structurally modify the houses, demolishing and adding walls, floors and even electrical and plumbing connections. The decoration mode, on the other hand, is the heart of creativity, which will make you choose furniture, curtains, plants and furnishings.

Features and development while playing

Here are some of the features to better understand the world of My Universe – Interior Designer

  • Write your story and your resume: customize and name your character, create your agency and get ready to live the life of your interior designer dreams!
  • Restructures, transforms and decorates the home of your customers according to their personality and their taste, to create the home of their dreams! Complete your achievements to increase your level and unlock new items.
  • Take on different minigames and lots of fun micro-activities: painting the walls, replacing broken tiles, laying carpets… The renovations will soon have no more secrets!
  • Unlock new items and new renovation possibilities as your character gets better and better and your projects take shape.

Let your creativity run free: discover a great variety of styles, materials, furniture and objects.

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