MyAppFree announces the winners of Adrenaline Rush, the Great Italian Game Jam

MyAppFree annuncia i vincitori di Adrenaline Rush, la Grande Game Jam Italiana  thumbnail

Adrenaline Rush – the first Great Italian Game Jam has come to an end and we finally have the opportunity to discover the winners. More than 100 teams joined the Jam, from indie developers to more experienced studios. Over 300 developers took on the challenge of developing the next hyper-casual hit, and that led to 30+ titles submitted successfully. Let’s find out all the details together.

How did Adrenaline Rush, the Game Jam, become the hit it is today?

Dal May 16th to August 15thdevelopers from every corner of our country, had the opportunity to participate in the premiere Grande Game Jam Italian organized by myAppFree. Adrenaline Rush’s goal was to bring one to life national competition able to capture the interest of hundreds of developers.

Both indie developers and well-trained studios have had the chance to compete, and as the numbers show, the response has been remarkable. One of the keys to success for a Game Jam is to choose the right theme. For this reason, MyAppFree has made aestensiva market research. In fact, to be successful in the hyper-casual market, a game must embrace a trend theme, without forgetting the long-term potential.

At the same time the team also wanted to leave creative freedom you have fear

Their research showed that the hit games of the period all featured action mechanics, which they deemed fit their criteria. From here they threw the gauntlet to the players: create a hyper-casual action game.

Of course, the developers who accepted the challenge were not left alone. In addition to myAppFree support, they have received extra help from some partners, namely Unity e AppsFlyer

The winners of the event

Now let’s discover together some of the best titles that have participated in the Great Italian Game Jam.

Top KPIs:

Below are the three prototypes that have managed to attract low-cost players, pushing them to play as much as possible.

The Duck is Crazy is obviously a crazy and fast game, where a duck creates havoc, “some ducks just wanna see the world burn.”

Gunman Rush is a full runner style game with guns. Running and shooting has never been more beautiful.

Gas Farmer mix all the joy of creating your own farm with the fast-paced gameplay of a runner, all with an unexpected twist.

Now let’s talk about the judges’ awards. There are tons of examples of games that didn’t perform initially – and are now firmly at the top of the charts. All this because someone recognized their potential and pushed them over the obstacle. The panel of judges Adrenaline Rush knows how discover potentialso MyAppFree gave them the burden of choosing theirs favorite titles.

Here are the three titles that stood out and captured the hearts of the judges.