Naraka Bladepoint: the first Naraka Fest arrives

Naraka Bladepoint: arriva il primo Naraka Fest thumbnail

The leading Chinese developer 24 Entertainment is proud to announce that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is about to have his party next 12 December 2021: the NARAKA FEST, with numerous updates for users and fans of the genre

Lots of things in store during the upcoming NARAKA FEST, including 14 brand new trailers that will reveal what’s to come in the near future. Fans can expect revelations of new weapons, new heroes, crossovers, skins, and tons of other exciting updates and events coming to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT.

The crackling event will therefore take place in a few days. Below, the details on programming.

Here is the agenda of the Live event:

1st Round Broascast Global on December 12th. 19.30 China Time / 03.30 PST / 11.30 UTC / 12.30 CET (Italian reference)

2nd round – Rebroadcast of the event on December 12th. 12 PST / 20 UTC / 21 CET (Italian reference)

It will be broadcast on:

NARAKA FEST Official Site:

NARAKA canale YouTube:

NARAKA canale Twitch:

There are therefore just under two days to the start of an exhibition that promises to give emotions and new interesting ideas. All that remains is to tune in to one of the platforms available to join the party.