NASA wants to return to the moon to install a nuclear reactor

La NASA vuole tornare sulla Luna per installare un reattore nucleare thumbnail

NASA wants to return to the moon with the intention of installing a nuclear reactor. This is a project still in a preliminary phase in which its feasibility will be assessed. Right now, NASA is gathering the ideas needed to evaluate the construction of the nuclear reactor on the Moon. The American Space Agency is also looking for industrial partners capable of carrying out the project.

NASA wants to install a reactor on the moon in the future

The NASA project appears to be very complex. The goal is to be able to count on a source of energy sufficient to support space exploration. With a nuclear reactor on the Moon it would be possible to produce energy directly in space, without relying solely on sunlight. NASA plans to return to the moon within a few years and iThe nuclear reactor could be built by 2030.

The elements to consider

As easily imaginable, build a nuclear reactor on the Moon it is not a simple thing. The elements to consider are different, starting from the thermal instability that is recorded on the satellite. Furthermore, the reactor must be sufficiently safe and able to function without problems. Then there is a further non-negligible question. Getting a nuclear reactor to the moon won’t be child’s play. We will see what the next steps of the project will be.