NBA 2K22: how to change face in “My Player”

NBA 2K22 is finally available in physical and digital format, to celebrate the release in this short guide we will explain how to change the face and appearance of “My Player”

NBA 2K22, the last chapter of the most played basketball saga is finally available to the delight of the fans. The title of Visual Concepts, in addition to confirming the traditional modes, brings numerous innovations and additions to an already rich and satisfying game. This year, your player will play an even more central role than in previous chapters. For this reason, today we want to explain to you how to change the face and appearance of “My Player” in NBA 2K22.

Appearances don’t always deceive

The most loyal fans of the series know that one of the funniest phases of the game is precisely that of creating and customizing your own virtual avatar. There are two ways to customize your player in NBA 2k22: create it from scratch or choose a face from the presets of the game. A third option is that of scan your face with the smartphone app “My 2K”, and then transfer it to the game (with decidedly questionable results). Regardless of which mode you choose to use, it will be possible to completely modify and customize your player, change face and much more even after creation.

NBA 2K22: how to change face in "My Player"

How to change your appearance – NBA 2K22: how to change your face in “My Player”

Changing the face of your player is quite simple. Once clicked on the “My Player” menu, you just need to go to the sub-menu related to the physical aspect. Once you have entered this second menu, you will be able to customize the face of your player in each of its components. From hair to chin, through beard and eyebrows, it will be granted to you a great freedom of choice. If, on the other hand, you are very similar to one of the available presets, or you simply don’t want to waste time, just select one of the preset faces that the game offers.

In case you want to experiment with face capture, the process is just as simple. To capture your face and transfer it to your player, just download l’app per smartphone “My 2K” from the App Store or Play Store. Once your account has been downloaded and authenticated, you will be asked to capture your head from different angles. Once the scan is complete, you can decide whether to upload the scan to your player or delete the result to try again. However, this functionality is still not perfect, and you will probably have to repeat the process more than once before reaching a good result.

NBA 2K22: how to change face in "My Player"

Ready for parquet

Well friends, this was our short guide on how to change the face of “My Player” in NBA 2K22. Let us know what you think of the game in the comments, and as always do not forget to stay connected on for more guides, news, reviews and much more from the world of video games. Also, don’t forget to check out the Instant Gaming catalog for always discounted games. Bye!