NBA 2K22: how to use the skateboard to get around

In this guide on NBA 2K22 we are going to see how to use the skateboard to move around faster in The City. Let’s find out how

NBA 2K22 is the new title of 2K Games which brings us back to the most famous basketball courts. So we return to play with the giants of National Basketball Association between epic challenges like lo Slam Dunk Contest oi Playoff which will lead you to obtain the most coveted title. However, this year we will also find a “new companion” to accompany us who will speed up our travels. So let’s start this guide and let’s find out how to use the skateboard on NBA 2K22.

Here’s how to use skateboarding in NBA 2K22

If you are a fan of NBA 2K22 career mode and prefer to spend a lot of time there The city with your character, surely you have already seen someone whiz past you with their skate. Using it will not be as demanding as you think.

The default setting for moving around in The City is for you to walk far and wide. So if you are looking to speed up the movements, all you have to do is access inventory. To do this, all you have to do is press the L1 button on the PlayStation or the LB button if you are using an Xbox controller. Once this is done, a wheel of choices will appear from which you can select the skateboard.

NBA 2K22: how to use the skateboard to get around

Skateboard controls in NBA 2K22

Below are the movements that can be performed accompanied by the assigned key. It will also show first the buttons related to the PlayStation controller and then those related to the Xbox controller.

  • To accelerate: R1 / RT
  • Steer and slow down: left stick
  • Dismount from the skate: Circle / B
  • Ollie: Croce / A
  • Once in motion you can perform some stunts simply by using the left trigger (L2 / LT) or the right stick

NBA 2K22: how to use the skateboard to get around

Also you can speed up your pace even more simply double-clicking the right trigger (R1 / RT) at the same time as you swing your leg. This is all you need to know to ride your skateboard.

What do you think of this new way of getting around in The City? Let us know yours in the comments. If you want to know what we think of the new 2K Games title, we invite you to read our review. We also remind you that you can find NBA 2K22 at a slight discount on Instant Gaming. In order not to miss further news and guides regarding the videogame universe, continue to follow the pages of!