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NBA 2K23 Season 5 kicks off: here’s all the news

NBA 2K23 today unveiled the Season 5, which introduces several novelties in the various game modes of the latest title of the acclaimed basketball franchise. For starters comes Miami in The City, which brings Tyler Herroplaymaker dei Miami Heat, aboard the GOAT Boat. We remind you that this mode of The City is exclusive to new-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X|S).

For the rest, the news affects all areas of the game, starting from MyCareer to get to MyTeam. Let’s discover them all below.

NBA 2K23: all the news of Season 5


  • Game Items such as Hawaiian shirt (level 10), Nike Ja 1 shoe (level 35) and much more
  • New ways to move around The City such as the level 40 Pocket Bike
  • New Dreamville branded clothes


  • Tyler Herro (level 40) as a season reward. Herro’s card has an overall score of 99.
  • NBA ’23 Collection: Series 2: These are cards that represent the current NBA, with up-to-date player ratings.
  • 30 new Pink Diamond Collection Complete rewardseach featuring a current player from that franchise
  • Over 400 cards added with more than 10 new levels as a collector and two additional Dark Matter reward players
  • Weekly updates for MyTeam

The W

For NBA 2K23 Season 5, The W pays homage Becky Hammon with different cards and rewards dedicated to her. Specifically we will find:

  • Becky Hammon’s manager card
  • Becky Hammon T-Shirt
  • The Jersey Cards di Ace
  • Clothing package
  • Card that increases the team’s resilience
  • Maglia Sylvia Fowles Heroine Edition
  • Basketball player upgrade card

Season 5 brings new songs to NBA 2K23

Here are all the new songs available in-game:

  • BoogzDaBeast – CaveDrip
  • JohnG –japan flights
  • Slopes –BARBADOS
  • Big Duke –ALRIGHT
  • Business Boy –(2 beats): Whipper Upper e Stone colds neck
  • WondaGurl –(2 beats): Dreams Of e Jet Black
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