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Nearby Share, easy file sharing between Android and Windows

Google announces the arrival of Nearby Sharethe feature that allows you to easily share files between your device Android and the computer Windows. The feature, announced last year at CES 2022, is debuting in beta in the US and several other countries as well. In Italy, support is currently lacking – but it should arrive soon.

Nearby Share, simple sharing between Android and Windows

Android users who also have a Windows PC, use different solutions to share files between the two devices. From those who use Phone Link to those who send files to themselves on Telegram and WhatsApp, there’s no shortage of possibilities – but many users continue to hope for something better.

For years, Android users have looked at the feature with envy AirDrop di Apple, which allows iOS users to quickly and easily exchange files between Apple devices. So when Google launched Nearby Share nel 2020, Android users around the world cheered. Because they finally had a easy way to transfer files between devices without having to send them via email or messaging apps. However, this feature was only available between Android devices.

Google, however, unveiled its plans to release at CES 2022 Nearby Share in beta per Windows in futuro. And that day he finally arrived.

A bridge between PC and smartphone

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Google announced in a blog post that it’s now easier to move pictures, videos, and other content between your Android phone and Windows PC with the new app Nearby Share Beta per Windows. Similar to Apple’s AirDrop, the app allows Android devices and Windows PCs to quickly exchange files with each other without having to use some of the cloud storage apps like Google Drive or messaging.

The app can be downloaded from the Android website – at least among the compatible countries, unfortunately Italy is not among them. The application is compatible with PCs using version a 64 bit di Windows 10 e successiveas long as they are not based on ARM processors.

The other limitation concerns the distance between the devices used. In fact, for the transfer to be successful, the devices must be at one maximum distance of 5 meters from each other.

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How Nearby Share works between Android and Windows

Nearby Share Beta for Windows works similar to its Android version, just with a Windows twist: just drag or drop a file into the app or right click on a file and choose the Nearby Share option in the context menu. Then, nearby devices will appear in the recipient list. The app only works for devices that have activated Nearby Shares, which are nearby and unblocked.

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Users can also decide to decline the transfer of files, so as not to create security problems. You can also decide to place the visibility of your device for Nearby Share to include only your contacts and even only your devicesas well as making the devices visible to “Everyone” or “Nobody”.

The feature allows for a quick transfer using both Bluetooth and WiFi – the app chooses the best protocol. And it is therefore usable even when you are offline. For the moment it cannot be used in Italy – but it should soon arrive for us too. We will keep you posted.

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