Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 3: all the news

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If you are passionate about racing and stunts, fasten your seat belts and get ready to experience new emotions with Need for Speed Unbound Volume 3the game’s second post-launch update arriving on June 20.

You will be able to join other players to take on new events and challenges together, earn XP and unlock new rewards, including outfits, customizations and new vehicles, such as the DMC Delorean (1981). Yes, you read right, the car from Back to the Future. GREAT JUPITER!

Il trailer di Need for Speed Unbound Volume 3

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Volume 3 will let you join new ones Linkup, group challenges that will lead you to explore the map and reach different locations, from the Seba Ski Resort to the Cava. You’ll need to demonstrate your driving and stunting skills to complete common objectives over four rounds of increasing difficulty, against the clock. If you manage to complete 12 rounds of the Linkup event, you can win the iconic DMC Delorean.

Also, you can level up with it Speed Pass, a new progression system that will reward you with free outfits and customization items. By completing challenges, you’ll earn XP to access 75 tiers of content, including new outfits, driving effects, neon lights, stickers, and more. Among the most coveted rewards, there is the new Legendary Custom SRT Viper (2014).

But that’s not all: the update will also offer you 68 new challenges, including 29 new daily challenges and 13 different sets of weekly challenges, to earn XP and credits; you will also be able to communicate more easily with the Lakeshore community thanks to the new Chat Wheel. And if you love drifts, don’t miss the new ones playlist Driftwhich will challenge you on every track.

Finally, you can visit the in-game store to purchase new content packs that include cars, outfits, driving effects, and more.

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