Neeva, the ad-free search engine arrives in Europe

Neeva, il motore di ricerca senza pubblicità arriva in Europa thumbnail

Il search engine without advertising Neva also arrived in Europe. The Californian company launched last year by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a former Google executive in charge of advertising, promises transparent searches. And above all, it ensures that you do not use any of the user data for commercial purposes.

The ad-free search engine Neeva arrives in Europe

In the United States it debuted last year, with a paid service which was then added a free tier. At this juncture he found over 600 thousand users (almost all in the free plan) that they replaced Google o Bing as a search engine.

The co-founder and CEO of this company is Sridhar Ramaswamy, which was in charge of advertising on behalf of Google, which remains the undisputed giant of online search. But it has more and more rivals that promise more privacy. And less advertising.

Neeva now has native apps for Android e iOS, as well as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Safari e Firefox. The goal remains the same: to avoid ads in search and that the data is sold to third parties for advertising purposes.

But there are many other features, such as the ability to filter the results: if you don’t want to buy products from a certain retailer or read news from a certain newspaper, you can avoid seeing them in searches.

All data collected by Neeva will only serve to improve your searches, not for advertising purposes. And the company ensures them it will eliminate after 90 days maximum. But the truth is that the only effective way to understand if the trade-off between accurate and personalized results on the one hand and privacy on the other works is to test it. You can do this by creating a free account on the Neeva site, if you think it’s the search engine for you.