Netatmo propone 3 idee regalo per la Festa del Papà thumbnail

Netatmo offers 3 gift ideas for Father’s Day

Netatmo offers 3 gift ideas for Father's Day thumbnail

In view of next March 19th, Netatmoleader in the smart home sector, proposes 3 gift ideas to exploit for Father’s Day. These are three smart solutions to give to technology enthusiasts to make everyday life even easier. The gift ideas proposed by Natamo for Father’s Day aims to fully satisfy the needs of users. Here are the proposals:

3 gift ideas for Father’s Day from Netatmo

The company’s first proposal is the Smart Weather Station. It is a solution designed to become the perfect companion for fathers who aim to keep temperature, humidity and air pressure under control with the aim of planning excursions and days in the open area. Then there is the Smart Thermostat which represents Netatmo’s second gift idea. This solution allows you to control the temperature in the home from your smartphone and in real time to maximize comfort and energy savings.

An idea for more safety

Netatmo’s third gift idea is the Smart Carbon Monoxide. It is the ideal gift for dads who want to maximize the safety and well-being of their family at home. The detector is able to warn with an 85 dB alarm and with an immediate notification on the smartphone the presence of high levels of carbon monoxide.

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