Netflix, 5 million users watch advertising

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Netflix announced that his plan with advertising has reached nearly five million active users per month all over the world. This figure was first revealed Wednesday during Netflix’s reporting to advertisers – a positive result six months after launch.

Netflix, the plan with advertising reaches 5 million users

The streaming platform said the advertising plan, which launched six months ago in eight countries, has seen a 25% increase in signups over ad-free plans. He also added that the median age of viewers on the ad plan is 34 years and that 80% of the vision takes place on TV screens.

The co-CEO of Netflix, Greg Petersemphasized that the advertising plan did not compromise the user experience and that i Engagement levels were similar to non-ad plans.

Netflix ads

Peters said, “The signs are promising: Engagement on our advertising plan is similar to our comparable non-advertising plans. This is crucial because it all starts and ends with consumers. That’s why, despite all the competition out there, Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service today. To be the one to watch, you need everyone to be watching. And that’s what sets Netflix apart.”

After the announcement of the advertising plan, the share price of Netflix went up to $341.25, but then fell back to $340.20. Positive signs after the complicated period the streaming service is going through.

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