Netflix aggiunge il supporto al chip del Galaxy S22 thumbnail

Netflix adds support for the Galaxy S22 chip

Netflix adds chip support for the Galaxy S22 thumbnail

Broadly speaking, Netflix tends to share news about smartphone compatibility to try and make up for lost time. A few days ago, for example, the company announced support for the Google Pixel 6. Every now and then, however, it ends up surprising users and revealing compatibility with smartphones that are not yet on the market. These days, for example, the Netflix App support for the next series Samsung Galaxy S22. News that has already conquered fans of TV series, as well as fans of Android devices.

Netflix: App will support the Samsung Galaxy S22 series

The Netflix App will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Or so it seems, given that the platform has updated the list of chipsets compatible with HD streaming to include Exynos 2100 ed Exynos 2200. For the uninitiated, the 2100 is the processor used in some models of the Galaxy S21 series, and the 2200 is the one just announced by Samsung, which perhaps we will see on the future S22 series. This means that the streaming platform will also have its support for the new flagship model of the South Korean company. This is not surprising at all, given that this has always been the strategy undertaken.

Waiting to see the Netflix App on the new Samsung series, here is a list of all the devices that have recently received platform support:

  • Nokia G11
  • Nokia G21
  • Nokia G300
  • Nokia X100.

These, however, the compatible chipsets:

  • Samsung Exynos 2100
  • Samsung Exynos 2200
  • Unicoc T606
  • Unicoc T610
  • Unicoc T612
  • Unicoc T616
  • Unicoc T618.

If you have one of the above devices, or a smartphone powered by one of these processors, then you can start watching your favorite series right from your phone.

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