Netflix announces Basic subscription with ads: price and limitations

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Netflix announced the new subscription Base with advertising, the plan with the lowest price ever: it costs in fact only € 5.49. You will be able to see (almost) all your favorite series and must-see movies, with on average “4-5 minutes of advertising every hour”. The subscription will start from November.

Netflix Base with ads: price and all the details

Netflix has confirmed its subscription plan with advertising, which serves to lower costs and thus attract new subscribers. The Basic plan with advertising will start on November 3 at 5 pm and people in twelve countries will be able to subscribe, including ours: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

For those who are already subscribers, nothing changes: no price increase for the Netflix subscription Base, Standard e Premium. All of which will remain first in advertising. While those who want to subscribe to the Base with advertising will have some limitations for the price of 5.49 euros.

What are the limits of the new plan with ads?

By subscribing on the Netflix site to the new plan with advertising, you will have to have some limitations. For example, the quality remains that of the Base a plan 720p/HD. Furthermore you will not be able to download the titles (so no Netflix on the plane). And as we said, you will have 4-5 minutes of commercial breaks hourly.

Netflix explains that the variety remains huge but “a limited number of movies and TV shows will not be available due to licensing restrictions (but we’re working on it)”. So it looks like when fully operational they should all be there.

At the time of launch the advertisements will be 15 or 30 seconds and will be inserted before and during the series and movies. Advertisers will be able to target advertisements based on the genre of the film and the country from which the viewer comes. They may also decide not to include their advertisements in content that displays nudity or violent images.

For us users, therefore, some advertisements arrive for a few euros less. What do you think about it? Does this seem like an advantageous offer? Let us know in the comments.