Netflix improves the plan with advertising from 5.49 euros: here are the news

Netflix migliora il piano con pubblicità da 5,49 euro: ecco le novità disponibili da oggi thumbnail

Launched a bit on the sly last November, the plan with Netflix advertising now becomes much more complete and interesting. The streaming platform has renewed its cheapest plan, confirming the cost of 5.49 euros per month and adding several new features.

Netflix’s ad-supported plan gets more interesting

Starting this week, Netflix’s ad-supported plan can count on 1080p content playback which represents a marked upgrade from the previously available 720p content.

It should also be noted that the Netflix advertising plan also registers the possibility of access with 2 devices, thus offering greater flexibility in the use of content via the streaming platform.

All confirmed, however, as regards the frequency of advertising. Every hour of viewing there will be a 4-5 minute break which represents a decidedly less invasive stop compared to other advertising-supported services such as YouTube.

However, it remains confirmed Basic plan from 7.99 euros per month which, without advertising, provides content in 720p, accessible from a single device. We’ll see what’s new for Netflix subscriptions in the future.

The “tightening” of password sharing risks significantly changing the way subscriptions are used. Updating the plan with advertising could be linked precisely to this choice.