Netflix launches a free app in Kenya

Netflix lancia un'app gratuita in Kenya thumbnail

Netflix launches a new app that lets users in Kenya to try part of the catalog for free, without any subscription. The service will include films and entire seasons of some selected series. The goal is to convince users to subscribe after having “tasted” the great selection of contents streaming service.

Netflix in Kenya

The news announced by the streaming giant does not include any kind of advertising but some limitations. For example, it will be exploitable solo su smartphone Android. And you will need to sign up for the platform, too without the need to enter any payment method. Kenyan users will only need to confirm that they are of legal age and provide a valid email address.

This is the first time that Netflix has offered a free service to its customers. Within the offer there will be approx a quarter of the contents in the library of the streaming service, which varies from country to country but is notoriously very broad. In this way, users will be able above all to discover the exclusive and original contents of the platform, which they will be able to see for entire seasons. The hope of Netflix executives is that the quality of the products convince them to take out a paid subscription, which they can also enjoy on TV and laptop.

While this is Netflix’s first free payment, it’s not the first time the streaming giant has offered free content. In the past it has submitted content on YouTube, especially extracts from comic specials. In addition, in the United States he experimented with free portals after closing the trial period before the subscription.

Other streaming services have also tried to use similar methods, such as HBO Max which tested offering limited episodes to get users to subscribe. But this is the first time that, potentially, a user can take advantage of part of the package with full seasons and an extensive catalog.

Netflix’s free Android app arrived in Kenya on Monday, with the rollout continuing for the next few weeks. An experiment that the streaming giant will keep monitored: it could be one winning move to further expand its user base.