Netflix Microsoft: Here’s what the CEO had to say

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Netflix doesn’t want to sell itself to Microsoft; however he wants to delve even further into the video game industry. Reed Hastings, founder and co-CEO of Netflixduring the New York Times Dealbook conference he spoke about two topics in particular: Microsoft eh video games.

Netflix CEO talks about video games and Microsoft

At the conference Dealbook of the New York Times, many colleagues had the opportunity to interview and speak with Reed Hastings, founder and co-CEO of Netflix. During the event Hastings spoke on various topics, further intriguing his audience.

Netflix announced for the first time a foray into video games in spring 2021. In retrospect, that move was a much clearer signal of concern for the future of streaming than most of us understood at the time. Since then, Netflix has bought a few small video game studios and posted a couple of dozen casual games.

However neither the gaming industry nor Wall Street believe that Netflix can be a real competitor in the video game industry. So it was interesting to know that during the interview Hastings repeatedly spoke about his own interest in gameswithout being prompted. Netflix, he has repeatedly said, he wants to make great TV shows, movies, and games. So when asked about Netflix’s interest in the world of sports, he replied like this: “Talk to us after we become a great leader in games. We have a lot of investments to make in games.”


Speaking of sports, Hastings was not questioned directly on the possibility that Netflix will bring sports to its streaming platform. However, when asked about the recently announced move to live stream a Chris Rock comedy special next year, Hastings he immediately rejected the idea that this was a precursor to live sports streaming.

He then stated that livestreaming will be used for things like the commedia e forse per “reality show”.

To conclude, when asked to explain why Netflix has chosen Microsoft as a partner for his foray into advertising, Hastings was very clear: Microsoft is giving Netflix big bucks. Or, as he put it: “Microsoft was willing to be very aggressive in the deal.” However Hastings insisted that this it is not the signal of a possible sale to Microsoft, as many industry players have speculated.

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