Netflix relies on Barb: the streaming service will now receive external ratings

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Netflix recently joined the agency Barb TV rating (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board). What does it mean? Very simple, this means that theaudience of the streaming giant will come now measured externally. We know the details better.

Netflix relies on Barb to measure its audience

Starting in November, the audience data of the streaming giant will be reported by the organization, which measures audiences and television ratings in the United Kingdom. And the first time ever that Netflix relies on such a service for evaluate his ratings.

As we all know, streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video have only ever released a few snapshots of their listening data. And in the data they shared they were often only highlighted the successes of the most important shows.

Now, however, the cards on the table are being changed. From now on Barb will report Netflix ratings in the same way it reports the ratings of more 300 other broadcast subscriber channelsfrom mainstream services such as BBC and ITV to smaller channels such as Dave.

The news comes right now that Netflix is ​​about to launch its aeconomic subscription supported by the advertising.

The co-general manager of the streaming service, Reed Hastingshe has declared:

“In 2019, at the Cambridge RTS conference, I welcomed the idea of ​​measuring Netflix’s audience independently. We have been in contact with Barb ever since and are delighted to commit to her reliable measurement. “

Justin Sampsonchief executive of Barb, said instead:

“The way we measure audiences continually adapts to new platforms and new devices people use to watch their favorite TV shows. Last year we took a big step forward when we started reporting audience to streaming services. Netflix’s commitment to Barb is a clear sign that what we’re doing is valuable. “

Netflix viewing data will be available for all Barb subscribers on the morning of November 2nd through existing analysis software and other system. The timing, among other things, coincides with the launch of the fifth season of the sumptuous royal drama The Crownwhich might have a strong impact on Barb’s ratings during the first few weeks.